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Honors College Virtual Senior Symposium 2020

Showcased here are presentations detailing each of the Senior Thesis Projects conducted by our Honors College Class of 2020.

Below, you will find hyperlinks to each of the students' presentations, hosted on VoiceThread, as well as links to their full posters (you must be logged into your Stony Brook University Google Account to view). 

Note: VoiceThread presentations may be in parts - Advance slides using the arrows at the bottom of your screen to continue the presentation.

Exhibit # Student Presenter Title/Presentation Link Faculty Mentor Department Poster (PDF)
Christina Mazza Postcranial Robusticity and Stature in the Later Stone Age Khoesan of South Africa and the Transition to Pastoralism Fred Grine Anthropology Christina Mazza
Bryce Small The Evolution of Photography Since Ansel Adams Brooke Belisle Art Bryce Small
Brandon Tu How Zen Buddhism Challenges Western Thought Sachiko Murata Asian and American Studies Brandon Tu
Matthew Murphy Weak Resonant Effects in Secular Massive Planet Systems Philip Armitage Astronomy Matthew Murphy
Benjamin Bacon A Microphysical Analysis of the January 4, 2018 Blizzard Brian Colle Atmospheric Science Benjamin Bacon
Ruben De Man fMRI and RNAseq Findings Implicate Disrupted Cerebral Blood Flow Regulation in Chemotherapy-Induced Cognitive Impairment Barbara Rosati & David McKinnon Biochemistry & Cell Biology; Physiology & Biophysics; Neurobiology & Behavior Ruben De Man
Nidhi Patel Analysis of Secreted Proteins in Candida Albicans and Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Neta Dean Biochemistry and Cell Biology Nidhi Patel
Vivek Sanghvi An Analysis of Dendrite Formation in Treated Melanocyte Cells Sanford Simon Biochemistry and Cell Biology Vivek Sanghvi
Lauren Bednor Phenotypic characterization of phosphomutants of the meiotic cohesin subunit REC8 Nancy Hollingsworth Biochemistry and Cell Biology Lauren Bednor
10  Clara Tucker Distribution of EPSPS Variation across Taxonomic Groups Supports Phylogenetic Conservatism Liliana Davalos, Jackie Collier Biology Clara Tucker
11  Nirali Mandavawala Role of the Cholinergic System in Age-Related Cognitive Decline Lorna Role & David Talmage Biology Nirali Mandavawala
12  Jennifer Yang Cellular Adhesion Molecule Expression In Parotid Glands after MCMV Infection Lucille London Biology Jennifer Yang
13  Ryan McHugh Communication Between Subunits in AAA+ Unfoldases Steven E. Glynn Biology Ryan McHugh
14  Kevin Carroll Social Informant Discrepancies and Theory of Mind in Adolescents with ASD  Matthew Lerner Biology Kevin Carroll
15  Claire Garfield Eukaryotic Diversity of Nitrogen-Removing Biofilters Jackie Collier Biology; School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Claire Garfield
16  Andreas Knaupp Project Sanguis Helmut Strey Biomedical Engineering Andreas Knaupp
17  Caleb Sooknanan, Christopher Tong Full Wrist Motion in Forearm Prosthetics Helmut Strey Biomedical Engineering Caleb Sooknanan, Christopher Tong
18  Isha Punn Early Detection of Post-Partum Hemorrhaging Helmut Strey Biomedical Engineering Isha Punn
19  Michael Gozelski Non-Fusion Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Correction James Barsi, Nicholas Pallotta, Helmut Strey Biomedical Engineering Michael Gozelski
20  Yosman Dhar, Nicole Hershkowitz, & Sishir Pasumarthy Apto: Adaptors for Surgical Retractors Wei Yin Biomedical Engineering Yosman Dhar, Nicole Hershkowitz, & Sishir Pasumarthy
21  Carmen Florentin Does (Mis)Matching Accent with Appearance Influence Trust? Peter Caprariello Business Carmen Florentin
22  Heidi Yeh Interaction between gender of participant and message valence on work and family goals and whether these effects are mediated by career and/or caregiving ambitions Julia Bear Business Heidi Yeh
23  Nimi Patel The Purification and Crystallization of Mouse Lipin-3 Domain to Gain Structural Insight Into Function of the Protein, and Implications on Human Triglyceride Disorders Michael Airola Cell Biology and Biochemistry Nimi Patel
24  Benjamin Chase The Effects of Knowledge and Effort on Saving Efficiency Peter DeScioli Center for Behavioral Political Economy Benjamin Chase
25  Jason Ha Effects of Managed Care and Online Health Information on the Elderly Patient - Physician Relationship Jeffrey Trilling Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics Jason Ha
26  Jennifer Kustanovich Stony Brook University Outreach Targeted At The Comorbid Relationship Between Eating Disorders And Substance Abuse Disorders Lara Hunter Center For Prevention and Outreach Jennifer Kustanovich
27  Bharath Ayloo The Controlled Synthesis and Analysis of Gold Nanoparticles and Single Atom Alloys Stanislaus Wong Chemistry Bharath Ayloo
28  Chloe Savino Trojan Horse Theranostics for Bacterial Infections Eszter Boros Chemistry Chloe Savino
29  Samuel Kotlyar Application of Graph Compactness Measures to Congressional Redistricting Robert Kelly Computer Science Samuel Kotlyar
30  Mustafa Alvi A Survey on the Current State of Computational Humor Christopher M. Kane Computer Science Mustafa Alvi
31  Kushal Delhiwala The Impact of Incentivization on the Usability of a Crowdsourced App Anthony Scarlatos Computer Science Kushal Delhiwala
32  Johnny So Be Careful of What You Click On Nick Nikiforakis Computer Science Johnny So
33  Kavan Wadhwa Identifying Attribution and Main Idea in Individual Sentences Ritwik Banerjee Computer Science Kavan Wadhwa
34  Amrith Arunachalam Quasicentroidal Mesh Generation in 2D For Smooth Curves Xiangmin Jiao Computer Science Amrith Arunachalam
35  Ivan Lin K-Resolver: Towards Decentralizing Encrypted DNS Resolution Nguyen Phong Hoang, Michalis Polychronakis Computer Science Ivan Lin
37  Delphine Mossman Reprise for Salmon: A Look at Pacific Salmon Populations Twenty Years After Song for the Blue Ocean Jeffrey Levinton Ecology & Evolution Delphine Mossman
38  Lillian Ehrlich Foreign Direct Investment and Structural Transformation Gabriel Mihalache Economics Lillian Ehrlich
39  James Edell The Growth of Trade in Africa Mark Montgomery Economics James Edell
40  Olga Aristova Socio-Economic Determinants of Abortion Demand in Women in Russia Mark Montgomery Economics Olga Aristova
41  Muhammad M. Hussain Facial Expression Recognition System Peter Milder Electrical and Computer Engineering Muhammad M. Hussain
42  Elizabeth Lucarini Dual-Axis Solar Panel Tracker Matthew Eisaman Electrical and Computer Engineering Elizabeth Lucarini
43  Vincent Han Grab and Go Ridha Kamoua Electrical and Computer Engineering Vincent Han
44  Charles Patterson & Christopher Romeo Solar Thermal Evaporation and Purification Apparatus Matthew Eisaman Electrical and Computer Engineering Charles Patterson & Christopher Romeo
45  Emma Cesario "The Pen Her Hand: Anne's Voice and the Ending of Persuasion" Peter Manning English Emma Cesario
46  Eileen Cheng Implementing Visual Art in Medical Education to Improve Clinical Observations: A Review John Coulehan Family, Population and Preventive Medicine Eileen Cheng
47  Danyaal Ain & Talha Shaikh The Role of Complement (C1q and gC1qR) in the Tumor Microenvironment Berhane Ghebrehiwet Immunology Danyaal Ain & Talha Shaikh
48  Antonia Brogna The Plus Side of Fashion: Can technology improve the plus-size shopping experience? Barbara Selvin Journalism Antonia Brogna
36  Ryan Licht The Masculine Singular Definite Article in Northern Italian Dialects Lori Repetti Linguistics Ryan Licht
49  Jhinelle Walker The Potential Effects of Abusive Language, Epithets, and Slurs on Children Mark Aronoff Linguistics Jhinelle Walker
50  Noelle Fuggini Abriendo el Idioma: Gender-neutral and inclusive adaptations in Spanish Elena Davidiak Linguistics Noelle Fuggini
51  Kunal Shah Enhanced Power Output and Tolerance to Fuel Impurities Demonstrated in a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Utilizing a Graphene Oxide Nanoparticle Coated Nafion Membrane Miriam Rafailovich Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Kunal Shah
52  Emily Chen & Haley Ryan The Effect of Precursors on the Activity of FeOx/CeO2 Catalysts for NO Reduction by CO Taejin Kim Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Emily Chen & Haley Ryan
53  Rachael Ng Under-Actuated Robotic Gripper Jeffrey Ge, Jay Mendelson Mechanical Engineering Rachael Ng
54  Terrie Hsun My Name is Terrie: An Exploration of Twin Identity through Music Norman Prusslin Media Arts Terrie Hsun
55  Megan Hsun I AM ME(GAN): Musical Reflections on Twin Identity and Experience Norman Prusslin Media Arts Megan Hsun
56  Cody Brady A Harmonic and Cultural Analysis on Choral Composition: Handling Loss Shoshana Hershkowitz Music Cody Brady
57  Andrew Mok Tracing the Erhu in the Twentieth Century: Standardizing, Reform, and Innovation Margarethe Adams Music Andrew Mok
59  Anirudh Murthy Chibby Interacts With Novel Golgin Protein CAG110 Through its Coiled-Coil Domain Feng-Qian Li Pharmacology Anirudh Murthy
60  Audrey Farrell Simulating beam induced ionization-injection in plasma wakefield accelerators Navid Vafaei-Najafabadi Physics and Astronomy Audrey Farrell
61  Gregory Matousek Simulated Measurements of Exclusive Vector Meson Production and the Gluon Saturation Phenomenon at a Future Electron Ion Collider Abhay Deshpande Physics and Astronomy Gregory Matousek
62  Andrew Bearkland The Case for a Convention on Human Rights on the Basis of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sexual Characteristics (SOGIESC) Charles Robbins Political Science Andrew Bearkland
63  Jeanette Blanchette The Role of Social Media on Political Polarization Yanna Krupnikov Political Science Jeanette Blanchette
64  Angelina Pagano An Evaluation of the Need for Closure Pertaining to Conservatism and Sexism Katherine Sawyer Political Science Angelina Pagano
65  Hyun A Kim (Hana) Prevention or Relief? Public attitudes towards disaster policies Reuben Kline Political Science Hyun A Kim (Hana)
66  Mohammad Amin Sadeghi State Differences in the Comprehensibility and Components of Advance Directive Documents Anne Moyer Psychology Mohammad Amin Sadeghi
67  Anna Smith Outreach methods for water conservation and preservation campaigns on Long Island Tara Rider School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Anna Smith
68  Alyson Hall Projecting into the future: insights to inform restoration success of Zostera marina. Bradley Peterson School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Alyson Hall
69  Caroline Cubells Portrayal of Female Genital Mutilation/Female Genital Cutting in the News Media: A Qualitative Content Analysis Rebekah Burroway Sociology Caroline Cubells
70  Selena Thomas A Literature Review of Rapid Maxillary Expansion in the Treatment of Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Multidisciplinary Approach and its Limitations Catherine Kier Stony Brook Children’s Hospital - Department of Pediatric Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Selena Thomas
71  Olivia Taubenfeld Comparative Neuroanatomy of Extinct Notosuchian Crocodylomorphs Alan Turner Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Anatomical Sciences Olivia Taubenfeld
72  Chandana Rajesh Genetic Screen to Identify Novel Proteins Involved in ALS Josh Dubnau Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Anesthesiology Chandana Rajesh
73  Daniella (Rin) Yang Exploring the Role of Btn/Btnl/Skint-like molecules to Elucidate the Mechanism of γδ T cell Activation Camille Khairallah and Brian Sheridan Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Microbiology and Immunology Daniella (Rin) Yang
74  Fionna Chiu A Review of the Effects of Systemic Racism and Discrimination on Birth Outcomes in the US Deidre Lee Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Medicine Fionna Chiu
75  Nicholas Roig Applying APEX2-mediated Proximity Labeling to the Conventional Plasma Membrane and Intracellular Membrane Domain of Mycobacterium smegmatis Jessica C. Seeliger Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Pharmacological Sciences Nicholas Roig
76  Ashwin Upadhye Investigating the Effects of Dystroglycan on Muscle Stem Cell Activation Joav Prives Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Pharmacological Sciences Ashwin Upadhye
77  Jasmine Chadha Evaluation of pain sensitivity using a temperature stimulus in subjects with varying severities of depression. Ricardo Caceda; Diane Kim; Serah Narine Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Jasmine Chadha
78  Sulaimaan Siddiqui X-Ray Microbeam Irradiation of Rat Spinal Cord Contusion Injury Produces Substantial Hind-Leg Recovery Avraham Dilmanian Stony Brook Medicine - Department of Radiology Sulaimaan Siddiqui
79  Jesse Pace KLF4-STAT3 signaling regulates podocyt-parietal epithlial cell crosstalk Sandeep Mallipattu Stony Brook Medicine - Division of Nephrology and Hypertension Jesse Pace
80  Mahesh Tiwari Inappropriate gestational weight gain among pregnant women is related to BMI misperception: Can video counseling help? Kimberly Herrera Stony Brook Medicine - Gynecology and Obstetrics Mahesh Tiwari
81  Marianna Nerantzinis Telemedicine and the Opioid Crisis in Rural America: An in-depth literature review Deborah Zelizer Stony Brook Medicine - School of Health Technology and Management Marianna Nerantzinis
82  Zaid Rahman Spectroscopic Analysis of Bone Graft Materials to Inspect Elemental Composition Georgios Romanos Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine - Periodontology Zaid Rahman
83  Boris Kishinevsky Sonic Spaces Ian Alan Paul Studio Art Boris Kishinevsky
84  Ian Lesnick An Examination of Education (In)Equity on Long Island – An Argument for School District Unification in one of the Country’s Most Segregated Regions Sarah Jourdain Teacher Preparation Program Ian Lesnick
85  Anna Clemens Manual for Technical Directing and Coordinating at Stony Brook University David Barnett Theatre Arts Anna Clemens
86  Vignesh Gunasekaran Pre-Medical Advice with a Personal Touch Peter H. Khost Writing and Rhetoric Vignesh Gunasekaran
87  Matthew Licht Oncolytic Virotherapy: Safety, Efficacy, and Shielding Robert Kaplan Writing and Rhetoric Matthew Licht