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Honors College students participate in scientific research across all conceivable fields during their four years on campus. Common participation roles include field work with archeologists, ecologists, and primatologists. Students have also explored activities in painting, ceramics, photography, computer art, music performance, music composition, theatre, dance, poetry and novel writing, journalism, and television production. 


Stony Brook University is a trailblazer in integrating research and undergraduate education: it was one of the first research universities in the country to establish an office for the spe naveen urecacific purpose of promoting undergraduate research and creative activity, and offers many programs that support undergraduate research efforts. These include Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site Programs, and the URECA Summer Fellowship and Small Grant/Travel Grant Programs. 

Stony Brook undergraduates are introduced to the world of research through introductory research-oriented courses, encouraged to participate in independent supervised research projects, and offered useful support services on writing abstracts, giving presentations, and finding appropriate research mentors.

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