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Lecturer (J.D. Harvard Law School, 1983; Ph.D., Stanford University, 1987)

Curriculum vitae

Office: SBS S-351


Interests: European intellectual history, women's movements, international law

My current research interests revolve around the ideas and institutions of the international community as they developed from the mid-nineteenth century until the outbreak of the First World War. I am particularly interested in the contributions of disenfranchised groups to the construction of an imagined global community, a focus which connects movements not usually studied together, such as British suffragists and Chinese anarchists. I have given talks and published articles about this project in the United States and in Europe to scholars in transnational, imperial, gender, and legal history. The project animates my teaching as well, especially my courses in international law and in global history. I am completing a manuscript tentatively titled "Suffrage Movements and the Transnational Language of Freedom, 1870–1914." I am also in the early stages of a new project that will examine the links between anarchism and international legal theory.


HIS 281: Global History and Geography
HIS 372: U.S. Constitutional History and Civil Rights


"The 'Spirit of Internationalism' in the Prewar Women's Movement"
"Charlotte Wilson, the 'Woman Question,' and the Meanings of Anarchist Socialism in Late Victorian Radicalism"  
"Western Idealism and the Pursuit of Global Justice"

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