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Teaching 301

HIS 301 is the History Department’s methods course.  It is inherently elastic: its contents and approach will naturally vary based upon the interests and pedagogical style of the faculty member teaching it in any given semester.  At the same time, the learning objectives for 301 must remain consistent across sections.  These objectives concern the development of three interrelated skill sets:  

1). Source analysis:  Learning to interpret and critique primary and secondary sources; 

2).  Writing and argumentation: Becoming proficient in the standards of writing in History; 

3).  Historical research methods: Establishing competency in library- and/or archival-based research.   

The course aims to devote equal attention to all three skill sets.  The overall objective is to prepare students for the 401 capstone seminar.  

Below are resources to assist faculty teaching HIS 301 and HIS 401, though faculty teaching other courses will also benefit from the pedagogical exercises shared here.