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  • Jennifer L. Anderson
      Jennifer L. Anderson
    Atlantic World, race, colonialism, labor, commodities, environmental history
  •  Michael Barnhart
      Michael Barnhart
     U.S. foreign policy, U.S.-Japan relations
  •  Eric Lewis Beverley
      Eric Lewis Beverley
     Early modern and modern South Asia, Indian Ocean, Muslim world, urban studies, law and crime, transnational history
  •  Robert Chase
      Robert Chase
     Post-1945 U.S., African American, Chicano/a, civil rights, cities, labor, politics, prisons, policing
  •  Alix Cooper
      Alix Cooper
     Early modern Europe, science, medicine, environment, women and gender, cross-cultural encounters
  •  Jared Farmer
      Jared Farmer
     American West, environmental history
  •  Lori Flores
      Lori Flores
     Twentieth-century U.S., Latino, immigration, race, labor, gender, U.S.-Mexico borderlands
  •  Larry Frohman
      Larry Frohman
     Modern Europe, surveillance studies and the information society, welfare and social policy, intellectual history
  •  Paul Gootenberg
      Paul Gootenberg
     Modern Latin America, Andes, economic-social history, drug history, commodities
  •  Susan Hinely
      Susan Hinely
     European intellectual history, women’s movements, international law
  •  Young-Sun Hong
      Young-Sun Hong
     Modern Germany, humanitarianism and human rights, race, gender
  •  Paul Kelton
      Paul Kelton
     Indigenous peoples of North America, environment and medicine, early American history
  •  Ned Landsman
     Colonial America, early modern Scotland, Atlantic history, religion, migration
  •  Brooke Larson
      Brooke Larson
     Colonial and postcolonial Andes, peasants, race, ethnicity
  •  Herman Lebovics
      Herman Lebovics
     European social and intellectual history, France
  •  Shirley Lim
      Shirley Lim
     Twentieth-century U.S., Asian-American history, cultural history, women 
  •  Sara Lipton
      Sara Lipton
     Medieval Europe, Jewish history, religion, gender
  •  Iona Man-Cheong
      Iona Man-Cheong
     Late imperial China, empire, oceans, diaspora, transnationalism
  •  Gary Marker
      Gary Marker
     Russia, European social history
  •  April Masten
      April Masten
     Nineteenth-century U.S. cultural history
  •  Wilbur R. Miller
      Wilbur R. Miller
     U.S. social history, police and criminality, Civil War and Reconstruction
  •  Janis Mimura
      Janis Mimura
     Modern Japan, empire and imperialism, fascism, political-economy, technology and society
  •  Elizabeth Terese Newman
      Elizabeth Terese Newman
     Mexico, environmental humanities, anthropology, archaeology
  •  Donna Rilling
      Donna Rilling
     Colonial and early national U.S., economic, business, social history
  •  Chris Sellers
      Chris Sellers
     U.S. environmental history, medicine and the body, transnational industrial and urban history
  •  Shobana Shankar
      Shobana Shankar
     Africa (particularly West Africa), colonial and postcolonial politics, religion, health, Muslim-Christian interactions, Africa-South Asia connections
  •  Joshua Teplitsky
      Joshua Teplitsky
     Early modern Europe, Habsburg Empire, Jewish history, history of the book
  •  Nancy Tomes
      Nancy Tomes
     U.S. social and cultural history, history of medicine, women, gender
  •  Kathleen Wilson
      Kathleen Wilson
     Modern British cultural and political history
  •  Paul Zimansky
      Paul Zimansky
     Ancient Near East, ancient imperialism, archaeology
  •  Eric Zolov
      Eric Zolov
     Modern Latin America, Mexico, U.S.-Latin American relations, popular culture, global 1960s




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