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Jennifer L. Anderson
Atlantic World, race, colonialism, labor, commodities, environmental history

Michael Barnhart

U.S. foreign policy, U.S.-Japan relations

Eric Lewis Beverley

Early modern and modern South Asia, Indian Ocean, Muslim world, urban studies, law and crime, transnational history

Robert Chase

Post-1945 U.S., African American, Chicano/a, civil rights, cities, labor, politics, prisons, policing

Alix Cooper

Early modern Europe, science, medicine, environment, women and gender, cross-cultural encounters

Jared Farmer

American West, environmental history

Lori Flores

Twentieth-century U.S., Latino, immigration, race, labor, gender, U.S.-Mexico borderlands

Larry Frohman

Modern Europe, surveillance studies and the information society, welfare and social policy, intellectual history

Paul Gootenberg

Modern Latin America, Andes, economic-social history, drug history, commodities

Susan Hinely

European intellectual history, women’s movements, international law

Young-Sun Hong

Modern Germany, humanitarianism and human rights, race, gender

Paul Kelton
Indigenous peoples of North America, environment and medicine, early American history
Ned Landsman

Colonial America, early modern Scotland, Atlantic history, religion, migration

Brooke Larson

Colonial and postcolonial Andes, peasants, race, ethnicity

Herman Lebovics

European social and intellectual history, France

Shirley Lim

Twentieth-century U.S., Asian-American history, cultural history, women 

Sara Lipton

Medieval Europe, Jewish history, religion, gender

Iona Man-Cheong

Late imperial China, empire, oceans, diaspora, transnationalism

Gary Marker

Russia, European social history

April Masten

Nineteenth-century U.S. cultural history

Wilbur R. Miller

U.S. social history, police and criminality, Civil War and Reconstruction

Janis Mimura

Modern Japan, empire and imperialism, fascism, political-economy, technology and society

Elizabeth Terese Newman

Mexico, environmental humanities, anthropology, archaeology

Donna Rilling

Colonial and early national U.S., economic, business, social history

Chris Sellers

U.S. environmental history, medicine and the body, transnational industrial and urban history

Shobana Shankar

Africa (particularly West Africa), colonial and postcolonial politics, religion, health, Muslim-Christian interactions, Africa-South Asia connections

Joshua Teplitsky

Early modern Europe, Habsburg Empire, Jewish history, history of the book

Nancy Tomes

U.S. social and cultural history, history of medicine, women, gender

Kathleen Wilson

Modern British cultural and political history

Paul Zimansky

Ancient Near East, ancient imperialism, archaeology

Eric Zolov

Modern Latin America, Mexico, U.S.-Latin American relations, popular culture, global 1960s


Africanists:  Abena Ampofoa Asare Shimelis Gulema /  Shobana Shankar

Americanists: Jennifer Anderson / Michael Barnhart / Robert Chase / Jared Farmer / Lori Flores / Paul KeltonVictoria Hesford /  Ned Landsman / Shirley Lim / April Masten / Zebulon Vance Miletsky Wilbur R. Miller / Andrew NewmanDonna Rilling / Chris Sellers / Nancy Tomes


East Asianists: Michael Barnhart / Iona Man-Cheong / Janis Mimura

Europeanists: Alix Cooper / Larry Frohman / Susan Hinely / Young-Sun Hong / Herman Lebovics / Sara Lipton / Gary Marker  / Joshua Teplitsky / Kathleen Wilson


Latin Americanists: Lori Flores  / Paul Gootenberg / Brooke Larson / Elizabeth Newman / Ian RoxboroughEric Zolov


Russianist:  Gary Marker

South Asianists:  Eric Lewis Beverley /  Shobana Shankar  /  Nicholas Wilson

West Asianist:  Paul Zimansky


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