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In the Spotlight Archive:

Congratulations to Andrew Ehrenpreis (PhD, 2018) who will be a Visiting Assistant Professor at Bowdoin College for 2022-23.  Andrew's dissertation is entitled, “Coca Nation: The Protean Politics of the Coca Leaf in Bolivia, 1900-1962" 

Chile Desperto

Prof. Eric Zolov's new book, The Walls of Santiago: Social Revolution and Political Aesthetics in Contemporary Chile, co-authored with Assoc. Professor Terri Gordon-Zolov (The New School), analyzes the Chilean social revolution of 2019 by focusing on the political graphics that channeled the demands of a leaderless, grassroots movement.  

Will Mack

Doctoral candidate Willie Mack has received the 2022 John Higham Research Fellowship from the Organization of American Historians (OAH). These prestigious fellowships are given annual to two graduate students writing dissertations for a Ph.D. in American history. His topic is “‘Triple Minority’: Haitian ‘Boat People,’ Policing, and Mass Incarceration in New York City and Miami.”


Distinguished Professor of American History, Nancy Tomes, was recently awarded a National Humanities Center Fellowship for her next book project, "A History of the Modern Infodemic."   Prof. Tomes will spend next year researching and writing at the Center's institute in North Carolina. 


Professor Paul Gootenberg (Chair) is General Editor of the newly published Oxford Handbook of Global Drug History (Oxford Handbooks, 2022).  With 36 contributions encompassing the entire globe, the Handbook is the first major compendium of the "new global drug history," covering some 5,000 years of intoxicating academic histories.

PhD candidate Dafina Nedelcheva and faculty affiliate Daniel Levy.

Awakening of Bulgaria

Congratulations to Dafina Nedelcheva (PhD candidate) and History Affiliate Faculty member Daniel Levy, whose co-authored article “Civilizational mnemonics and the longue durée: The Bulgarian case” was recently published in the premier peer-reviewed journal, Memory Studies.

PhD Candidates Jocelyn Zimmerman and Kevin Marshall


Jocelyn and Kevin have been accepted to present their research to the Eighteenth Century Scottish Studies Society conference at the University of Liverpool in July 2022. 

Jocelyn will demonstrate how Scottish folklore influenced the ways in which Scottish East India Company emissary, George Bogle, and his contemporaries negotiated otherness within and around them, while Kevin will discuss group formation and identity of Scottish plantation workers in colonial Jamaica. 

Jocelyn Zimmerman (PhD Candidate)

Jocelyn Zimmerman

Congratulations to Jocelyn Zimmerman (PhD candidate) for receiving the "Edward Guiliano Global Fellowship" from Stony Brook University to travel to London where she will pursue further research on her doctoral dissertation, "George Bogle’s 'Fairy Dreams:' Polygamous Possibility, Sexual Enlightenment and the Tibetan Encounter, 1760-1790."


David Yee (Alumnus)

David Yee

Dr. David Yee (PhD, 2020; Stony Brook University, Professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver) recently published an article "Forging Mixtec Identity in the Mexican Metropolis: Race, Indigenismo and Mixtec Migrant Associations in Mexico City, 1940-1970" in the top-tier, peer-reviewed Journal of Latin American Studies.

Sara Lipton (Professor)

Sara Lipton

Congratulations to Professor Sara Lipton who has been invited as a fellow next Fall at the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study (School of Historical Studies) to work on her book project: How Pictures Hate: The Sources, Mechanisms, and Effects of Inflammatory Images from the Middle Ages to Today.  Professor Lipton will also spend Spring '23 on a fellowship at All-Souls College Oxford.

Phd Candidate Matias Hermosilla

MAtias Hermosilla

Congratulations to Matías Hermosilla (PhD Candidate) for his chapter, "Singing in Solidarity: The Latin American Protest Song Movement and the Vietnam War" recently published in the edited volume, Protest in the Vietnam War Era (Palgrave MacMillan).

D. Mark Chambers

Gray Gold

Congratulations to Dr. Mark Chambers (History/Africana Studies) on the publication of his first book, Gray Gold: Lead Mining and Its Impact on the Natural and Cultural Environment, 1700-1840 (University of Tennessee Press).

Sarah Lipton (Professor)


Congratulations to Professor Sara  Lipton , who has been elected "Second Vice-President" of the Medieval Academy of America, the largest and most prestigious body of medievalists.   

Eric Zolov (Professor)


Professor Eric Zolov was recently inducted as a member of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI), an independent organization dedicated to the analysis, study, and debate of the major global trends and their impact on Mexico. 

Yalile Suriel (PhD 2021)


Congratulations to Yalile Suriel on the defense of her dissertation, "Campus Eyes: University Surveillance and the Policing of Black and Latinx Student Activism in the Age of Mass Incarceration, 1960-1990." Dissertation Committee: Robert Chase (Advisor), Lori FloresNancy TomesSimon Balto (outside member, Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison).  Beginning in Spring 2022, Yalile will be Assistant Professor of Universities and Power in the Department of History at the University of Minnesota.  We wish you well!

Shobana Shankar  (Professor)

un easy

Congratulations to Professor Shobana Shankar on the publication of her second monograph,  An Uneasy Embrace: Africa, India, and the Spectre of Race  (2021).

Sara Lipton (Professor) 


Prof. Sara Lipton has been offered a prestigious visiting fellowship to  All-Souls College in Oxford, UK next year to finish her new book on  How Pictures Hate: The Sources, Mechanisms, and Effects of Inflammatory Images from the Middle Ages to Today.

Erin Chavez (PhD student)

erin chavez

Erin Chavez (PhD student) has been selected as a 2021-2022 Cold War Archives Research (CWAR) Institute Fellow.  The fellowship is sponsored by the Wilson Center and Erin is one of only 16 fellows selected from over a hundred applicants.  The fellowship includes bi-monthly Zoom lectures and culminates in a fully funded ten day trip to Budapest in May-June 2022 to visit two different archives and to attend a Cold War History conference.  Congratulations, Erin!

Eric Beverley (Associate Professor)

Eric Beverley

Associate Professor Eric Beverley has been Awarded the HISB Faculty Fellowship for next Spring (2023) to complete his book project "Hyderabad in a World of Cities: Urban Property and Global Connections."

Robert Chase (Associate Professor)


The American Society of Criminology has awarded  We Are Not Slaves: State Violence, Coerced Labor, and Prisoners' Rights in Postwar America (2020 ) by Assoc. Professor Robert Chase the Best Book Award in Critical Criminology and Social Justice. 

Jennifer Anderson (Associate Professor)

Jenny Anderson

Associate Professor Jennifer Anderson recently published the article, "Empowering Appetites: The Political Economy and Culture of Food in the Early Atlantic World" in a co-edited issue of Early American Studies.

Congratulations to our prize winners from this year's URECA research fair and to everyone who presented on their work!  

Best symposium presentation, with attention to speaking skill, structure and organization of presentation, clarity of thesis and argument, attention to balance between text/imagery, keeping to allotted time, fielding of questions: Eli N. Avila, II, PCBs, Bucket Gardening, and Toxic Fishing: The History and Legacy of Corporate Pollution, Public Health Activism, and Judicial Precedent in Anniston, Alabama from the 1930s to 2014 (Advisor: Professor Mark Chambers)

Best poster design, with attention to visual imagery, use of images, balance of text and images, communication in writing : Kyle O'Hara, The Iron Crown of the East: The Symbolic Power of Railways around the Russo-Japanese War (Advisor: Professor Janis Mimura)

Innovative research, with attention to content of material, use of sources, balance of primary and secondary sources, communication of idea: Anika Choudhury, Improved Hygiene and the AIDS Pandemic (Advisor: Professor Joshua Teplitsky)

Lori Flores (Associate Professor)

Lori Flores

Professor Lori Flores has just become a co-editor of UNC Press's brand-new book series Latinx Histories. See the full press release from UNC Press here.

Graduate Student Fellowships!


Congratulations to our History PhD Candidates who just won the first round of Presidential Dissertation Completion Fellowships: Gregory Lella for his work on policing in the Arizona-Mexico borderlands, and  Emmanuel Pardo for his work on film criticism and politics in Argentina.  Congratulations also to  Aishani Gupta, who was awarded a Presidential Critical Research Funds Fellowship for her continuing research on Sufism and urbanism in South Asia.  Amazing dissertations are in the pipeline!

Graduate Student Research Grants

Congratulations to the following PhD students, each of whom received Turner Summer Research Grants to support their dissertation work:  Fernando Amador, "Children of the Land: Identities, Landscapes & Migrations from Rural Mexico"; Gregory Lella, "Their Job is to Deport Me: Policing Latinx and Indigenous People in the Arizona-Mexico Borderlands, 1964 to the Present"; and Willie Mack, "Triple Minority: Haitian Immigrants, Policing, and Mass Incarceration, 1965-1990s."

Taylor Esposito (History Minor)

Taylor Esposito

Congratulations to History Minor, Taylor Esposito, for being awarded a prestigious Fulbright English Teaching Award!  She will be traveling to Estonia next year — a wonderful opportunity!

Anika Choudhury (History Major)


Congratulations to undergraduate major, Anika Choudhury, for receiving the Connie & Lee Koppelmann Endowed Scholarship award!  Anika plans on taking a year off to prepare for the LSAT and then head off to law school.  You'll do great, Anika!

José Miguel Munive Vargas and Fernando Amador (PhD Students)

"Congratulations to José Miguel Munive Vargas(PhD student) and Fernando Amador (PhD candidate) for receiving the 2021 LACS Graduate Student Research Fellowships! José will pursue research on his dissertation topic, “The Making of a “Civilized Indio:” Race, Ethnology and the Struggle for Citizenship in Peruvian Rural Education” and Fernando on his dissertation thesis, “Children of the Land: Identities, Landscapes & Migrations from Rural Mexico.” 

Yalile Suriel (PhD, 2021)


Congratulations to recent PhD student, Yalile Suriel, who has just accepted a tenure track position in "Universities and Power" at the Department of History at the University of Minnesota.  Yalile's dissertation is entitled, “Campus Eyes: University Surveillance and the Policing of Black and Brown Student Activism in the Age of Mass Incarceration, 1960-1990."  Yay, Yalile!

Eron  Ackerman (PhD, 2021)


Congratulations to recent PhD Eron Ackerman, who was just appointed Visiting Assistant Professor at Albion College in Michigan!  Eron's dissertation is entitled, "Ganja Diasporas: Cannabis & Colonialism in the British Caribbean, 1838-1938."

Faculty Book Talk

Last Good Neighbor

Eric Zolov (Director Undergraduate Studies) will give a presentation on his new book, The Last Good Neighbor: Mexico in the Global Sixties, hosted by the University of Chicago, Tuesday, April 20th at 2pm (EST).   Register here.  

Paul Gootenberg (Professor and Chair)

Paul Gootenberg

Chair of History  Paul Gootenberg, recently opened a roundtable on "The Past, Present, and Future of Drug History" with a talk " The Globalization of Drug History, 1990-2020."  The event was sponsored by Virginia Tech and the  Alcohol and Drug History Society (ADHS).  Gootenberg is President-elect of the ADHS, the world's largest body for the study of intoxicants in history.

Mohamad Ballan (Assistant Professor)

Mohamad Ballan

Assistant Professor  Mohamad Ballan was awarded a prestigious Mellon Fellowship at the Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame.  He will have a year in residence to complete his first book,  Lord of the Pen and Sword, which examines the phenomenon of the “scholar-statesman”—litterateurs, physicians, and jurists who ascended to the highest administrative and executive offices of state—in Islamic Spain and North Africa.

Aishah Scott (PhD, 2019)

Aishah Scott

Congratulations to Aishah Scott (PhD, 2019) on her joint appointment as Assistant Professor in the Health Policy and Management Department and Black Studies at Providence College.

Sara Lipton (Professor)

Conspiracies Event

Professor Sara Lipton will be participating in a panel discussion moderated by NYT editorialist Bret Stephens, "Conspiracies Then and Now" hosted by the University of Southern California on March 18th.  For more information and registration see here.

Joshua Teplitsky (Associate Professor)

Teplitsky lecture

Associate Professor Joshua Teplitsky will present a lecture at Hebrew Union College, "Kashruth, Community, and Control: Shehitah Manuals and the Afterlives in Early Modern Europe" on Monday, March 1st, 1pm (EST).  To register go to:

Mohamad Ballan (Assistant Professor)

Mohamad Ballan

Read Assistant Professor Mohamad Ballan's short essay, " A Connected World: Exploring the Early Middle Ages with Ibn Faḍlān"  about how he uses the ancient text of Ibn Faḍlān, Mission to the Volga, to teach about travel in the medieval world.

Eric Beverley (Associate Professor)

Eric Beverley

Professor Eric Beverley recently co-edited a special section titled "Rethinking Sovereignty" and authored the introduction and the article "Old Borderlands: Sovereignty and Autonomy in the Hyderabad Deccan, ca. 1800–2014" in the journal Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

David Yee (PhD, 2019)

  David Yee

Congratulations to David Yee (PhD, 2019) on the publication of his article, " Shantytown Mexico: The Democratic Opening in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, 1969-1976" in  The Americas 78:1 (January 2021).

Matt Ford (Phd Candidate)

Matt Ford

Congratulations to  Matt Ford (PhD Candidate) for his recent publication of  "Indelible Divides and the Creation of Myths: Visions of the Ecuadorian Amazon" in the peer-reviewed journal, A Contracorriente 18:2 (Winter 2021): 63-91.

  Matías Hermosilla (PhD Candidate)


Matías Hermosilla (PhD Candidate) has recently published his second poetry book:   Memorias incómodas de un mal viajero (2020).   Find the book here. Congratulations Matías!

María Clara Torres (PhD, 2020)
María Clara Torres
Congratulations to María Clara Torres (PhD 2020)for winning the prestigious AHA-Conference on Latin American History's Lewis Hanke Prize for best dissertation, with support to transform it into a book.  The title of María Clara's dissertation is “The Roots of an Illicit Peasant Crop: Coca in Colombia, 1950–2010."  ¡Felicidades María Clara!

Spencer Austin (PhD Candidate)

Spencer Austin

Has been awarded a Chateaubriand fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences, which will allow him to work 4 months in France next year on his dissertation about French-speaking coal-miners in PA.

Matías Hermosilla (PhD Candidate)

Matias Photo

Has published a peer reviewed article entitled "La Palmada en la Frente (1970): Political Cartoons, the Global Sixties, and Popular Culture in Chile" in Studies of Latin American Popular Culture (May 2020). Link found here.

Cody Rossler (PhD Candidate)Cody Rossler

Just won the prestigious Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship (examining ethics and religion) for his thesis "Race Science on Tour: Instructing Publics in Provincial Britain, 1830–1870."