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New Year, New U
Health Enhancement Program

nynuThe New Year is often a time that we deliberate on the changes we want or need to make in our lives. Every year, more than one-third of Americans resolve to better themselves in some way, yet fewer than 10 percent actually achieve success in their resolutions. Whether your goal is to lose weight or be healthier, Healthier U has the program for you! Sign up for the annual " New Year, New U" Health Enhancement Program and make the year your best year yet!


"New Year, New U" Health Enhancement Program, which will take place during an eight-week period, is designed to empower employees with information that will help them to make healthy lifestyle choices and ensure success in their wellness goals.


During registration you will be asked to choose a program track. Options include:

  • Weight Management— this track is geared toward individuals interested in losing or monitoring their weight. Upon registration you will be asked to report a starting weight. Top male and female (relative to total percentage lost) participants will each win a prize, and those who report their weight during at least six of the eight weeks regardless of weight loss will be entered into a raffle to win prizes. Participants will be given a unique ID to track their progress — names are never displayed and weights are only stated as a percentage lost (relative to initial weight).
  • Optimal Wellness— this track is geared toward those who want to improve their health and wellness habits. Every week participants will receive a checklist of healthy lifestyle adjustments to make (or maintain). To be eligible for prizes, participants must report that they successfully completed all checklist items during at least six of the eight weeks.
  • Both— Healthier U supports a synergistic approach to making healthy lifestyle changes. By being conscious of your weight and lifestyle choices, as well as being empowered with helpful information, you will have the greatest chance of success in your health and wellness goals. Plus, you double your odds of winning some great prizes!

Once registered, you will receive a welcome email containing more program details.

Please note that all personal information is kept confidential and never shared.


Every Monday participants will receive a link that includes the healthy checklist items, wellness tips, healthy recipes and links to report. Participants will also receive a mid-week motivational message on Wednesdays to help reinforce their commitment and maintain excitement toward their health and wellness goals.


To be eligible for prizes in either track, participants must successfully report during at least six of the eight weeks.

  • For Weight Management, you only have to report your weight.
  • For Optimal Wellness, you have to report that you successfully completed all healthy checklist items.

As a reminder, those participants using the Healthier U Wellness Portal do not need to report using the above external links. Within the portal, simply click on the "New Year, New U" Health Enhancement Program widget on the main dashboard and follow the reporting prompts.


For any questions and/or comments related to the " New Year, New U" Health Enhancement Program, please contact Healthier U.