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COVID-19 Resources and Resiliency Tools

Resilience has been defined as having the capacity to adapt and recover quickly from difficulties that life’s journey presents. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected each of us in different ways, experts at Stony Brook Medicine created a Resources and Resiliency Tools hub to help. The site provides insights and tips from our own Stony Brook experts and other respected experts, as well as links to additional resources to help you adapt during this challenging time.


Staying Connected virtual wellness

Therapeutic Support Groups

Healthier U has partnered with the School of Nursing to provide weekly virtual support groups for West Campus Employees to gain a sense of belonging, destress, share information and connect with each other during this unprecedented time. Topics will include:

1. Things happy people do
2. Tips for isolation
3. Finding meaning
4. Dreams
5. Self-care
6. Stress reduction
7. Stages of grieving
8. Wise mind
9. Radical acceptance
10. Closure or continue

The goal is to facilitate improved well-being through connecting with others in our own community. The group facilitators are psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner students being supervised by faculty in the School of Nursing at Stony Brook University. To connect with an upcoming group, email Thank you!