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About the Hardship Fund

Stony Brook University recognizes that faculty and staff may experience hardships that require emergency financial assistance.

The Hardship Fund is a program available to assist eligible faculty, staff and students * who are experiencing a personal financial emergency and who have exhausted all other avenues for obtaining assistance.

The fund is not a loan. It is a grant of up to $599 designed to address an event or catastrophe that is non-recurring, sudden, unexpected, and critical, such as:

  • Family crisis
  • Acute illness
  • Natural disaster
  • Fire
  • There must be a genuine emergency hardship.
  • The event must have occurred during one's employment.
  • All State, Research Foundation (RF), and Faculty Student Association (FSA) employees who have worked at Stony Brook University for at least six months
  • Employees who work a minimum of 20 hours per week and have benefits, including teaching assistants, graduate assistants, and temporary employees.
  • Employees who are on approved leave.
  • Must be employed at least six months and currently in good standing.

* For a limited time, the Hardship Fund will accept and consider applications from international students adversely affected by the federal government's travel policy. Student applicants must be currently enrolled at SBU and in good academic standing.

The Hardship Fund Committee

An Employee Assistance Program Coordinator meets with the Hardship Fund Committee on a regular basis to present applications for committee review. The EAP Coordinator does not have voting privileges on the committee.

How to Apply

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