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Graduate students explore careers beyond academia with PhD Works ACE 2019

PhD Works ACE 2019 Awardees
Ten graduate students from Stony Brook University accepted the PhD Works Awards for Career Exploration (ACE) 2019. Awardees received   up to $500  to enhance their professional skills and career readiness beyond their academic fields.   PhD Works   is a program created by the Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development unit at Stony Brook’s Graduate School. This round of awards was generously sponsored by the Graduate Student Organization .

The awardees for the Spring and Summer 2019 round are   Fernando Amador II  (History),   Alex Borowicz  (Ecology & Evolution),   Arielle Bryan  (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology),   Laraib Malik  (Computer Science),   Renee Schofield  (Geosciences),   Stephanie Taboada  (Chemical and Molecular Engineering),   Malwina Tuman  (Social and Health Psychology),   Abigail Tyrell  (Biological Oceanography),   Shiyu Yue  (Chemistry), and   Xiaoqing Zhang  (Health and Rehabilitation Sciences).

PhD Works   supports meaningful career exploration activities for Stony Brook graduate students that prepare them for the professional workforce outside the traditional academic research track.   A new competition of PhD Works ACE will be available in Fall 2019. For more information about PhD Works ACE, please visit the   PhD Works  website.

Check the current PhD Works ACE 2019 awardees’ profiles.

  • Fernando Amador II
    Fernando Amador II
    Department of History     PhD Works ACE 2019 supported the travel expenses for Fernando's internship at the Reinvestment Fund, an organization aimed at helping low-income neighborhoods, as a spatial and policy research assistant.
  • Alex Borowicz
    Alex Borowicz
    Department of Ecology and Evolution     PhD Works ACE 2019 supported Alex's participation at the KDD19 Workshop on Data Mining and AI for Conservation. This event brings together conservation scientists, non-profits, and data scientists to build collaborations and learn new techniques.
  • Arielle Bryan
    Arielle Bryan
    Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology     PhD Works ACE 2019 supported Arielle's attendance to the Scientista Symposium. This event is geared toward early career women in STEM fields and allows for networking with top recruiters and cultivation of a professional network, which can create the foundation for a successful career.
  • Laraib Iqbal Malik
    Laraib Iqbal Malik
    Department of Computer Science     PhD Works ACE 2019 supported Laraib's travel expenses to participate in a summer internship in computational biology at Genentech, a major biotechnology corporation.
  • Renee Schofield
    Renee Schofield
    Department of Geosciences     PhD Works ACE 2019 supported Renee's certification course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). This certification will improve her teaching abilities and communication efficiency
  • Stephanie Taboada
    Stephanie Taboada
    Department of Chemical and Molecular Engineering     PhD Works ACE 2019 supported the cost of Stephanie's attendance to the Women in STEM Leadership Program. This program equips current and future women in STEM with practical tools and connections, so they can unlock their potential and take charge of their career in industry.
  • Malwina Tuman
    Malwina Tuman
    Department of Psychology     PhD Works ACE 2019 supported Malwina's enrollment in Cheeky Scientist, an association that promotes transition from academia to industry jobs for Ph.D. recipients
  • Abigail Tyrell
    Abigail Tyrell
    School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences     PhD Works ACE 2019 supported Abigail's attendance to a week-long Geographic Information Systems bootcamp. The bootcamp focuses on mapping technology, which will make participants competitive applicant for environmental conservation jobs.
  • Shiyu Yue
    Shiyu Yue
    Department of Chemistry     PhD Works ACE 2019 supported Shiyu's registration to the Chartered Financial Analyst exam, Level II, in order to gain financial knowledge and connect scientific research with real commercialization.
  • Xiaoqing Zhang
    Xiaoqing Zhang
    School of Health Technology and Management     PhD Works ACE 2019 supported part of the lodging costs for Xiaoqing's internship with the Stony Brook’s Office of Federal Relations in Washington DC.