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Stony Brook Graduate Student Organization to Host NAGPS Regional, National Conferences

STONY BROOK, NY -- The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) and Stony Brook University are pleased to announce that Stony Brook will host the 2016 National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS) Regional Conference in April and the 30th Anniversary NAGPS National Conference in November.

NAGPS is a national organization representing graduate and professional students on a local, state, and national level. Founded by student leaders in 1987, NAGPS advocates for institutional and structural changes to improve graduate and professional education in the United States and connects graduate and professional students, amplifying their voices to campus, local, state, and federal policymakers.

“We have, this year, expanded GSO’s activities and initiatives,” said GSO President Vahideh Rasekhi. “We are deeply honored to have the privilege of hosting both the Regional and National NAGPS conferences at Stony Brook University. The conferences will provide an opportunity for our graduate students to build personal relationship skills through networking and learning from one another about leadership. Our hope is to empower and inspire graduate students to learn about different student leadership opportunities and discover new ways to implement what they have learnt.”

The NAGPS Regional Conference is April 15-17. Student leaders across the Northeast will meet to network, share the best practices of their graduate organizations, and strategize how best to address the issues and concerns important to graduate and professional students across the region.

Students interested in participating can submit abstracts for presentations and roundtables here. More information, including details on registration, transportation, and accommodations, is available on the conference website.

The 2016 National Conference, scheduled for November, will mark the 30th anniversary of NAGPS and its mission of student-led advocacy and leadership. The four-day conference will attract people from universities all over the country, and attendees will share knowledge, techniques, and the initiatives they have underway at their home universities. NAGPS members will hold their annual election and decide on the organization’s 2017 legislative platform. The conference will close with a gala to celebrate the anniversary.

Stony Brook’s GSO has a strong working relationship with the NAGPS. GSO Treasurer and Stony Brook Council Member Joseph Verardo serves as the National Director of Finance and CFO on the NAGPS National Board of Directors. Both Verardo and GSO President Vahideh Rasekhi are attending the association’s Spring 2016 Advocacy Summit and Legislative Action Day in Washington D.C., where they will join graduate and professional students from across the country in promoting graduate-professional student causes to policymakers at the highest level of government.

“Stony Brook is a flagship research university dedicated to student empowerment and diversity, with a strong focus on graduate education,” said GSO Treasurer Joseph Verardo. “NAGPS has been a leading voice on the issues of skyrocketing student debt, graduate student employment rights, domestic revalidation of international student visas, expanded research funding, and creating an inclusive environment for students regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or gender. By hosting both the NAGPS National and Northeast Regional Conferences, Stony Brook University is empowering students to work toward a better future.”

For more information, or to get involved in conference planning, contact the GSO Executive Members Vahideh Rasekhi or Joseph Verardo:

Vahideh Rasekhi President
Joseph Verardo Treasurer

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