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NSF GRFP Fellows at Stony Brook University 

The Graduate School serves as the administrative home for Stony Brook graduate students in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).

NSF fellows receive a three-year, annual stipend of $34,000. Funding is to be used within five years. On or before April 29th, fellows must declare their staus (tenure or reserve) for the upcoming academic year in the GRFP Module. A Summer (June 1st) or Fall (September 1st) start date is also selected. 

After the fellowship declaration deadline has passed, the Graduate Finance team reaches out to tenured fellows and their graduate program coordinators to begin appointment paperwork. The annual stipend is paid out bi-weekly on Fridays. Direct deposit enrollment is available through the RF self-service website. Fellows who do not enroll in direct deposit will be issued a Key Bank pay card.

In addition to the bi-weekly stipend, NSF fellows are entitled to a Cost of Education allowance and health insurance. Details can be found be found below.

 NSF GRFP 2015 Fellows

Cost of Education (COE) Allowance

An annual $4,000 COE allowance is granted to tenured NSF fellows. Typically, the first priority of these funds is to pay the cost of health insurance premiums. After that, remaining funds can be used for:


Health Insurance

As a tenured NSF Fellow, you have two health insurance options available:

Note: Fellows who elect GSEHP (or who have coverage through their parents/spouse) must waive the mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) in SOLAR  at the beginning of EACH academic year, by August 26th. More details regarding the waiver process can be found on the Student Health Service site.


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