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Theatre Arts

  • Program Overview

    Description of Theatre Arts

    The Department of Theatre Arts offers a 30-credit Master of Arts in Theatre. The M.A. offers an interdisciplinary, collaborative curriculum encourages our graduate students to produce, write and adapt their own work, serve as dramaturgs for department productions, and to apply the historical and theoretical knowledge they attain in course work to the practice of innovative theatre making and new play development.

    Among the world-class faculty are directors, actors, playwrights, theorists, dramaturgs and designers all of whom work closely with graduate students. The Staller Center for the Arts is Long Island’s hub of creative activity, and provides a wonderful inter-arts working atmosphere for students of Theatre, Art and Music. Students are also introduced to the art of devising new work in collaboration with faculty and students from Art and Music.

    The goals of the M.A. program are (1) to study the dramatic tradition and the history of the performing arts, (2) to develop an understanding of the vital relationship between theatre theory and onstage practice, and (3) to prepare students qualified to matriculate in programs of study at the M.F.A. or Ph.D. level.

    The Department of Theatre Arts recognizes the contribution of the dramaturg in institutional American theatre. In the United States and throughout the world, the dramaturg plays a vital part in the direction of professional theatre. He or she must be well informed in historical, critical, and comparative studies, and sensitive to every aspect of theatre practice. Training in dramaturgy is useful even to students who later decide to pursue other careers in the theatre or other media, or in teaching. Professional dramaturgs often become directors, producers, administrators, drama critics, teachers, or playwrights, and many combine two or three different careers.

    The Stony Brook program offers opportunities for students with a wide range of interests in theatre practice and dramatic criticism to pursue individual development with an applied orientation. This can mean, for example, that graduates could find themselves working with a psychology professor on autism research, as one of our graduates are, or working with an artist on a video installation piece.

    The 2-year program culminates in the creation of a Thesis.

    Interested students should request information from the department and find application information at app_info.shtml. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible, especially if they plan to apply for financial aid.

    Theatre Arts

    John Lutterbie, Staller Center for the Arts 3013 (631) 632-7300

    Graduate Studies Director

    Amy Cook, Staller Center for the Arts 3014 (631) 632-7586

    Graduate Program Coordinator
    Lisa Perez, Staller Center for the Arts 3046 (631) 632-7270

    Degree Awarded
    M.A. in Theatre, Accelerated B.A./M.A. in Theatre Arts (Note: Currently not accepting new students)

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  • Admissions

    Admission to the M.A. Program in Theatre Arts

    For admission to the M.A. program in Theatre Arts, the following, in addition to the minimum Graduate School requirements, are normally required:

    A. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

    B. Advanced undergraduate courses in theatre history, dramatic literature, and/or theatre practice.

    C. Undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0.

    D. Three letters of recommendation.

    E. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test scores.

    F. Supporting materials must include a sample of the applicant’s writing as well as other materials such as scripts, essays, publications, portfolio, etc. (For the returned work, the applicant must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with the completed application.)

    G. Acceptance by both the Department of Theatre Arts and the Graduate School.

    H. If a student accepted into the M.A. program wishes to offer, either for credit toward the degree or for exemption from enrollment in courses required by Stony Brook, analogous courses taken at another university, he or she must present transcripts and other supporting materials for consideration by the graduate program director before the end of his or her first semester in the program (see Transfer of Credit from Other Universities).

  • Degree Requirements

    Requirements for the M.A. Degree in Theatre

    In addition to the minimum Graduate School Requirements, the following are required:

    A. Courses
    Courses required for the degree are:

    THR 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies

    THR 510 and THR 521 Western Theatre History and South and Southeast Asian Theatre and Drama or

    THR 511 and THR 520 Far Eastern Theatre and Drama and Western Dramatic Literature

    THR 535 Theories of Theatre or

    THR 635 Theories of Performance

    THR 550 Teaching Practicum

    THR 590 M.A. Thesis (6 Credits)

    In addition, students select from among a range of courses in consultation with the graduate program director and a faculty advisor. A minimum of 30 credits is required for graduation.

    B. Examination
    Successful completion of the M.A. exam is required, normally at the end of the second semester of full-time residence.

    C. Foreign Language
    Proficiency in a foreign language must be demonstrated.

    D. Teaching Experience
    Teaching for at least one semester at the University level is required of all graduate students.

    E. Master’s Thesis
    A master’s thesis must be successfully completed under the direction of a faculty advisor.

    F. Residency Requirement
    This program is normally completed in one to two years of full-time residency. Students may be enrolled in the M.A. program on a full-time or part-time basis.

    G. Time Limitations
    Depending on the student’s first-time, matriculated enrollment in the Graduate School, full-time students must complete all degree requirements within three years, part-time students in five years.

  • Facilities

    Theatre Arts Facilities

    The Theatre Arts department is located in the Staller Center for the Arts, which houses a 1,106-seat proscenium stage and three black box theatres. Additional theatre spaces are also available on campus. A newly acquired studio/theatre space in the basement of the Staller Center is the home of the Graduate Student Cabaret. This flexible, intimate, 50-seat performance space can also be used as a studio/classroom. The Cabaret serves M.F.A. Dramaturgy students as a production space and theatrical laboratory.

    The University Library is adjacent to the Staller Center and holds in excess of 27,000 volumes related to the study of theatre arts. Special collections of play texts, including translations, and theatre archives are being developed continually. Manhattan is an easy commute by train, bus, or car, and its many theatres, exhibitions, archives, and libraries (most notably the New York Public Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center) are easily accessible.

  • Faculty

    Theatre Art Faculty

    Phillip Baldwin, Associate Professor, M.F.A., 1987, Yale University. Scene design; interactive media; cultural studies.

    Izumi Ashizawa, Assistant Professor, M.F.A., Yale University. Directing and Devising

    Mallory Catlett, Assistant Professor, M.F.A., 2000, Simon Fraser University. Interdisciplinary arts, directing and critical studies

    Amy Cook, Associate Professor, Ph.D., 2006 University of San Diego, California. Shakespeare, Performance, and Cognitive Science

    John Lutterbie, Professor, Chair, Ph.D., 1983, University of Washington. Theatre history: performance theory and criticism; dramaturgy; directing.

    Nick Mangano, Professor, M.F.A., Columbia University. Directing.

    Deborah Mayo, Director of Undergraduate Studies, M.F.A., 1973, Yale School of Drama. Acting.

    Ken Weitzman, Assistant Professor, M.F.A., 2003, University of California, San Diego. Dramatic writing.

    Steve Marsh, M.F.A., 2000, Stony Brook University: Dramaturgy.

    Elizabeth Bojza, M.F.A., 2004, Stony Brook University: Dramaturgy.

    Adjunct Faculty

    Cate Cammarata, M.F.A., Stony Brook University. Acting and Producing.

    Jian Jung, M.F.A., New York University. Theatre Design

    Nancee Moes, M.F.A. Stony Brook University. Acting and Analysis

    Norman L Prusslin, Director of Media Director, B.A., 1973, University at Stony Brook: Broadcast management.

    For current course listings, please go to:

  • Contact

    Theatre Arts

    John Lutterbie, Staller Center for the Arts 3013 (631) 632-7300

    Graduate Studies Director

    Amy Cook, Staller Center for the Arts 3014 (631) 632-7586

    Graduate Program Coordinator
    Lisa Perez, Staller Center for the Arts 3046 (631) 632-7270

    Degree Awarded
    M.A. in Theatre, Accelerated B.A./M.A. in Theatre Arts (Note: Currently not accepting new students)

    Web Site