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bellagio group

Accelerating Progress to End Drug Resistant TB

Bellagio, Italy
July 30 to Aug 1, 2019

As a Rockefeller Foundation Fellow, I had the opportunity to scramble a small meeting in Bellagio, Italy (July 30 and August 1, 2019) to take stock of what is being done to accelerate the uptake of innovation to meet the goals for drug resistant TB committed to at last year’s UN General Assembly. An increasingly robust pipeline of new drug regimens has significant promise for patients, for health care systems and for impact of the money national treasuries and donors spend on TB care and control globally.

It was clear that lots is happening… but that more can be done. In particular, coordinated action, linking countries with global actors and civil society and innovative finance provide opportunities for better delivery and outcomes in drug resistant TB. We can aspire to meet SDG 3.3 in drug resistant TB as well as set best practices for the broader antimicrobial resistance and health security agendas.

- Peter Small

Attendees   |    Workshop Agenda

Video testimonial of Melquiades Huauya Ore, survivor of multidrug resistant tuberculosis