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Some of the Current Ph.D. Opportunities in the Department of Geosciences

Fall 2022 PhD Opportunities: 

PLEASE NOTE that lack of a listing on this page does not necessarily indicate that a given faculty member is not accepting a student for the fall. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to peruse our faculty  page and contact any person of interest about potential Ph.D. opportunities, even if they are not listed below.  Furthermore, we encourage applications for those with broader range of interests and backgrounds having potential overlap in research interests with one or more faculty members.  

Last updated: September 22, 2021

Qingyun Li   

Prof Li is looking for 1 - 2 graduate students to work on quantification and observation of mineral reactions at nano- to micro-scale. Minerals such as barite and calcite formed in porous media can change porosity, permeability, tortuosity, and mechanical properties, affecting the fate and transport of nutrients and contaminants. The new student(s) will use experimental and modeling tools to explore kinetics and morphologies of newly formed minerals and inspect their effects on hydromechanical properties of porous media. Applicants are expected to have a background in geochemistry, environmental science/engineering, chemistry or chemical engineering, materials science, or related areas.


Gregory Henkes  

Our laboratory is seeking a new graduate student to work on the development and application of largely oxygen isotope-based geochemistry to geologic problems, including continental paleoclimatology, marine paleobiology and deep time paleothermometry, and water-rock reactions on Earth and off of it. These potential projects will all involve laboratory analyses and innovation, and may also include field work, other geochemical and petrographic methods, external collaboration, modeling, and experimentation. A background in isotope geochemistry or closely related fields is preferred, as is a eagerness to work across traditional disciplinary boundaries.