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Clement Marmorat

Gelation mechanisms in hydrogels - Cellular attachement  - Tissue Engineering - Cell/Scaffold interface

Fan Yang


Vincent Ricotta

1. The Role of Static Magnetic Fields on Biomineralization of Dental Pulp Derived Cells on Sulfonated Polystyrene Films. 

2. Inducing Osteogenic Differentiation of Dental Pulp Derived Cells Using Light Stimulated Photovoltaics

 Linxi Zhang

Electrospinning P4VP and P4VP/Graphene fibers and the interaction with dental pulp stem cells.
- Structural and mechanical study of electrospun microfibers from recycled polystyrene foam cup.

Julia Budassi

Combing of DNA onto polymer coated surfaces and patterned cutting using soft lithography for aiding in the improvement of Next Generation Sequencing technology.

 Kao Li

Effects of different peptides and substrates on cell migration

Xianghao Zuo

Gas permeability of polymer nanocomposites

Takmela Syeda Rahman

During my undergraduate career, I worked with a group on a senior design project focused on harnessing the energy found in the glucose of the cerebral spinal fluid.  

Kuan-che Feng

PLA 3D Printing, Molding and Spincasting topography and Dental Pulp Stem Cells response

Yuan Xue

Nanocomposite polymeric material; Flame retardant material

Shan He

1.Engineering Environmentally Responsible Flame Retardant and biodegradable cellulose-based nanocomposites 
2.Engineering Multi-scale Electrospun Structure for Integration into Architected 3-D Nanofibers for Cimex Annihilation: Fabrication and Mechanism Study.
3. Engineering facial moisturizing cream with nanoparticle inclusion to physically impede the feeding mechanisms of mosquitoes.

Juyi Li

The use of microemulsions as drug delivery vehicles

Yan Xu

Zhenhua Yang

Ternary blend polymer solar cells with self-assembled structure for enhancing power conversion efficiency .

 Yuval Shmueli 

Structure strengthening of 3D printed materials by investigating and solving interfacial phenomena in the process

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