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Sustainable Dining on Campus

Support Local Farms: An Inside Look at Long Island Agriculture

Stony Brook University students and SBU Eats staff went on a Long Island farm tour to get a behind the scenes look at all of the local produce that is supplied in the meals we serve on campus.



Making Strides at Plastic Reduction

  • CUTLERY - New biodegradable (PLA) cutlery has been added to SAC Food Court and Roth Food Court and will be included at other dining locations soon. PLA is a biodegradable material, derived from renewable starch resources, such as corn.
  • SANDWICH CONTAINERS - Plastic hero sandwich containers have been replaced with paper boats and paper liners at the convenience stores.
  • LIDS - Soup container plastic lids have been replaced with paper lids. Stir-fry to-go containers with plastic lids have been replaced with waxed-lined paper boxes.
  • CUPS - Smoothie cups are made from Greenware plant-based containers. The ecotainer coffee cups have lids made from pulp, which saves thousands of plastic coffee lids from the landfill. 
  • REUSABLE CUP PROGRAM RELAUNCH - Relaunch of a reusable cup program will save more than 175,000 disposable hot cups from the landfill in a six-month period and incentivize customers with a 10¢ discount on coffee refills.
  • STRAWS - Plastic straws have been eliminated from dining locations.


Reusable Takeout Containers

Take-Out Meals with SBU Eats Goes Green Containers

Reusable SBU EATS Goes Green take-out containers can be picked up at East or West Side Dine-In locations.

How it Works:

  1. Let the cashier know you wish to use the takeout option upon entry to the dine-in location.
  2. Fill your container with food from East or West Side Dine-In to take on the go. Once you have filled up your takeout container and beverage cup you are required to leave the dining location. Takeout meals are not to be eaten in the dining areas.
  3. After you eat your meal, rinse your container of any leftover food.
  4. Deposit your UNSANITIZED container in a SBU Eats Goes Green Bin located at East or West Side dine-in.
  5. Pick up a SANITIZED container at the register at East or West Side dine-in when using a take-out swipe.

The first container is FREE. Additional containers can be purchased at the register of the Dine-In locations for $5 (Wolfie Wallet can be used).

Students on an unlimited meal plan can use two take-out meals per day.

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Sourcing: Fresh and Local

Root to Stem

Throughout the semester, Root to Stem meals are offered at our Meal Swipe locations and are educated on the ways you can eat each and every part of most fruits and vegetables.