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How to Shop for Books via SOLAR

Step by step instructions on how to shop for textbooks and course materials through SOLAR.

Step 1: Log in to SOLAR using your Stony Brook NET ID and NET Password:

screenshot of SOLAR login button 1. Go to and click  SOLAR LOGIN
screenshot of SOLAR login button 2. Enter your  Stony Brook NET ID and  NET Password

Step 2: Once you've logged in, look under Student Records & Registration and click Enrollment:

screenshot of Enrollment link location in SOLAR

Step 3: Click My Class Schedule:

screenshot of My Class Schedule link location in SOLAR

Step 4: Click View Textbook Summary:

Make sure pop-ups are enabled!

screenshot of Textbook Summary page in SOLAR

Step 5: You will be guided to the University's online bookstore where you can purchase the textbook and materials you need for your courses. Choose whichever ones you need, and then add them to your cart.

screenshot of Course Materials page on the University Bookstore website

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