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LaundryView Gives Students Remote Accessibility to View Status of Laundry Machines and Texts Them When Cycle is Complete

Stony Brook, NY, December 17, 2012 – Students can now remotely check the availability of washers and dryers on campus before going to the laundry room with LaundryView, a new service provided by the Faculty Student Association (FSA).

LaundryView is an intelligent laundry system which allows students to see the current availability of washers and dryers being used in each of the 70 residential laundry rooms on campus. LaundryView also gives students an approximation of when new machines will be available for use.

“LaundryView is a great tool that will help you to better manage your time by eliminating going to a laundry room to do your wash only to find all of the washers and dryers being used” said Tony Gentile, FSA’s Machine Operated Services Manager.

The new system gives students access to hourly usage reports to help plan the best time to do laundry, sends an email or text message to students when their wash and dry cycles are complete and automatically detects machine malfunctions and reports them for repairs.

LaundryView is only available to students using their Wolfie Wallet funds to wash and dry their laundry. Students who use their Wolfie Wallet funds also receive a 25 cent discount on their washing and drying costs.

For customer service or maintenance issues please call  (631) 632-9585 , email , or use FIXIT to  create a work request.

For more information or to sign up to access LaundryView, visit

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