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Values and Partnership Statements

Partnership Statement

Our commitment is to exceed expectations by listening and understanding the needs of our customers. We proactively communicate innovative solutions that enhance the student and community experience through quality, price, value and choice. Our partnership demonstrates our support of student success through measurable outcomes for continuous improvement.


Teamwork, Collaboration, Inclusion and Diversity

We will build relationships with those we work with, embrace diversity in the workplace, work collaboratively for a common goal, and demonstrate a high level of competence.
We will include anyone affected by our decisions in the search for options.

Communication, Respect, Honesty, Reward and Recognize

We will perform our duties in the most ethical, kind and transparent manner.
We will assume good intent.
We will communicate by setting expectations, educating, giving feedback, holding each other accountable, and rewarding and recognizing achievements.

Culinary and Customer Service Excellence

We will identify and support our customers’ expectations and provide exemplary service in all that we do to serve the campus community.

Student Success

We will provide student employment opportunities to teach students transferable skills for future careers. These opportunities will help diversify their skills, build their resume and provide a source of financial support for their college living expenses.


We will look for new and better ways to manage our business, design and execute quality, and continuously improve our workplace.
We will identify, research and respond to emerging trends.

Training and Development

We encourage personal and professional development as a means of acquiring knowledge for the benefit of the community and ourselves.

Responsibility and Accountability

We will meet/exceed our goals through the responsible deployment of strategic objectives with measurable outcomes.
We are responsible and accountable for our results and learn from actions taken to support our on-going objectives.

Financial Integrity

We are stewards of our corporation’s assets and their contribution to the educational mission of the university.
We will achieve our financial goals using the resources available and going beyond those resources as necessary.
We support our financial goals through quantitative metrics that measure progress and outcomes.
We utilize business acumen to analyze data for purposes of developing strategies to achieve goals.

Quality Assurance, Health, Safety, and Environmental Responsibility

We will educate our campus community and ourselves by providing programs that inform and promote health and well-being.
We will maintain a safe and clean work environment and practice sustainable methods whenever possible.


We will approach every challenge with enthusiasm, energy and excitement and celebrate our learnings.

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