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Meeting Minutes    Facebook Page    Feedback Response (Fall 2018)


Function of the committee

This committee serves the university and the students of the university first. The members of this committee serve to gather student opinion and feedback in all aspects of the dining process. This group is responsible for representing the student body and acting as a resource to gather student feedback, communicate changes to meal plan holders, and provide recommendations in an effort to enhance the overall on-campus dining experience. This committee will advise the FSA Board in the role of the representative of the student body.

Voting Membership

  • Student Quad representatives on full meal plan (2 per quad = 12 total)
  • Commuter students on a commuter meal plan (2)
  • Apartment representative from West Apartments (1)
  • Apartment representative from Schomburg Apartments (1)

Student Chair

The Student Chair will oversee and gather resources to support and follow-up with sub-committee work, solicit updates and feedback from Student Voice group members, and work directly with the staff advisory group to set the pace and direction for the Student Voice Committee. The Student Chair will be responsible for overseeing the creation of the weekly agenda for all Student Voice meetings in conjunction with the advisory staff and coordinate the minutes schedule. Additional duties may also be assigned that arise from the group. This Student Chair will attend a monthly FSA Board of Directors Meeting Friday’s at 3 PM.


The Student Voice for Campus Dining is supported by an Advisers’ Group that provides information and coordination of administrative details.

All staff will be considered an ‘Ex-Officio’ member of the Student Advisory Committee

  • Executive Chef
  • Campus Dining Senior Operations Member
  • FSA Staff Member
  • FSA Board Member
  • Residential Programs Staff Member

Responsibilities / Expectations of Individual Student Members

  • Attend weekly advisory committee meetings at scheduled date/time:
    • Review essential items provided before the meeting – surveys, focus group data, etc.
  • Attend and report/update regularly at CSA or RHA/Hall Council Meeting
  • Announce updates and dining developments and solicit feedback:
    • Gather data by being in direct contact with other students and provide individual report to committee at least once per month
  • Participate in a semesterly town hall meeting
  • Support campus-wide Campus Dining events (i.e. – Strawberry Fest, Midnight Breakfast, etc.)
  • Participate in sub-committee activities and meetings on an as needed basis (examples would include a Committee working on marketing, and a group to review annual meal plan and retail pricing changes)

Responsibilities of Staff Advisors

  • Distribute the agenda and keep and post minutes for weekly Advisory Meetings
  • Assist the Student Advisory committee in efficiently conducting meetings and remaining focused on being a representative voice
  • Assure that student members receiving meal plan stipend have fulfilled their duties on a monthly basis

Cooking Demo With Student Voice