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Feedback Response (Fall 2018)

  • All Locations



    Could we get more seasoning options? Possibly representing different cultures.

    Spice bowls have been rolled out. Started with a few dry seasonings, there will be the addition of sauces soon.

    Students with the unlimited meal plan would like to be able to have a hot beverage to-go without having to use their to-go meal swipe.

    A hot to-go beverage swipe has been added for students with unlimited meal plans. They may have one a day until 1:00PM.

    Addition of soy sauce to the new spice bowl stations

    Mini soy sauce is coming. A new vendor had to be procured, but it has since been ordered

    Students want the ability to give feedback without having to talk to people

    The dining feedback website has been fixed and is back up and running.

    Expansion of vegan options in both retail and dine-in

    In Progress

    Better education on what “Eat Well” icon means

    In Progress

    Soups and desserts are not regularly on Nutrislice.

    In Progress

    Nutrislice is still missing a lot of information

    Nutrislice is under construction. Items are worked on typically the same day as the reported issue.

    The Indian community would like to see paneer, not always tofu

    Paneer was provided in the Bombay special

    More hispanic food is requested (fried cheese, adobo seasoning)

    In Progress

    Would like a different type of veggie burger

    We have reviewed and changed the way we are cooking it as well as seeking new products for retail at SAC

    It would be great if Nutrislice could filter by day part so when a concept is closed mid-day the menu for that concept does not show up.

    There is no filter for that now, but Nutrislice will determine if that is possible on their end.

    Staff should be trained to change gloves prior to making vegetarian items

    This should be standard practice

  • Dine-In



    Request for chicken nuggets to be added to rotation before late night

    Chicken nuggets, wings, and tenders have all been added to the rotation at the dine in locations

    Plates at both ESD and WSD Dine In locations are extremely hot to the touch

    New plates have been ordered by Culinart and are being tested currently at WSD

    Students would like more tea flavor options in the dine in locations

    A flavored tea carafe has been added to ESD Dine In, and different varieties of flavored tea are being offered at WSD

    Can the Halal hot dog and burger options be added to the dine in locations

    Both options are now offered at the dine in locations

    Can microwaves be added to the dining halls so that students can steam their own veggies and warm up milk


    Could the variety of options at the salad bar be increased

    The items of the salad bar will be rotated with more variety. There will be the addition of shredded cheese to the salad bar, croutons, and buffalo chicken will be rotated in more often.

    Could honey be added as an option for tea

    Yes honey packets are available at the registers upon request

    Addition of a soup of the day to dine in

    Currently under discussion

    Pushing the sustainable take out boxes at the registers of dine in


    Addition of new waffle batter flavors and syrups

    CulinArt agreed to provide berries daily at WSD as an additional flavor for waffles, pancakes, etc

    Fried rice dish asked to be cooked without eggs to be made vegan friendly

    Chef James is looking into recipe options

    Offering more food items for diet restricted individuals during late night

    Currently being discussed with management at both dine in locations

    Continuation of yogurt through lunch during the week

    Has been implemented at WSD

    There should be a designated option for people with dietary restrictions during late night.


    Students requested garlic knots to be offered for dine in.

    CulinArt stated that garlic knots would not be a feasible option for the numbers of dine in. Garlic bread was agreed upon and will be introduced at WSD. It is in the works for ESD

    Can there be milk shake specials at the dine in locations

    There will be throwback events at WSD where floats will be served. The facility does not have the equipment for shakes

    Loved the pulled pork tacos at late night

    Positive Feedback

    Ice Cream Cones Easily Break

    Hershey came in and spoke with supervisors and coached them on proper installation.

    Add broccoli and scallions to the salad bar.

    These items are a part of the rotation

    Would like cream of mushroom soup

    WSD had cream of mushroom soup on Monday 11/15. It paired nicely with the superfood tabling

    Can we have donuts for breakfast occasionally?

    Chef - We have a bakery on campus. Its size and scope is limited to general baked goods, not necessarily to all the specialty items such as donuts. This will be looked into moving forward.

    Take out containers are too small

    Already discussed in Student Voice, there is no plan at this time to change the container

    Request for coconut at WSD for Ice Cream Topping

    WSD is a nut free facility, so coconut cannot be added to the toppings bar

    Request for breakfast scones to be added to the breakfast rotation


    Students would like bags for take out meals.

    Campus is moving to eliminate plastic bags from campus dining facilities. Bring your own reusable bag.

    Students would like more variety with the dessert bar. Tired of seeing the same desserts on rotation.

    Chef is working with the bakery to come up with new dessert ideas and recipes

    Students would prefer not to have a pasta bar at Chef’s Table for a late night rotation, as there is already a make your own pasta option at the italian station.

    Chef noticed the redundancy and is removing the pasta bar from late night rotation.

    The grill station has started varying the cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches with the addition of Swiss and Provolone sandwiches. These have been received with mixed reviews.


    The new, larger, chewier cookies are a huge hit.

    Positive Feedback

    Students would like more community involvement with campus dining. For example, including lesser known cultural holidays in concept rotations.


    Paneer was an item requested by halal students, and it was recently put into rotation through the SAC. Students would like to know if it could be added to rotation in the dine in locations.


    Students would like to see retail concepts rotate through the dine in area more often.

  • Retail



    Students would like to know if certain retail locations such as Island Soul could be open on the weekends.


    Student Voice members would like to look at the price and portion guide used by Culinart.

  • West Side Dining: Dine-In



    Addition of a weekday omelet bar as WSD


    WSD Prime Night (11/1) was terrific

    Positive Feedback

    Sometimes WSD begins closing breakfast before 10:30 AM


    Chowder at WSD was excellent

    Positive Feedback

    Lo Mein at WSD was sub par

    T here are currently two lo mein vendors. The chef team is working to pick the best vendor.

    WSD Churros and Pretzels at late night were really good

    Positive Feedback

    There is a “make your own pasta” bar at WSD on weekends during brunch. Could other concepts possibly be brought into rotation? Possibly a stir fry bar?

    Chef and management are exploring the possibilities (costs and benefits) of doing different concept rotations.

    Students would like more fruit options available at WSD during late night hours.


    Students at WSD were concerned with the “doneness” of the burgers, and were concerned that they were undercooked.

    All burgers are cooked to proper temperature. With a thicker patty there is likely always going to be pink coloration. Changing the thickness and diameter of the hamburger patty is under deliberation.

  • East Side Dining: Dine-In



    Hard rice at Chef’s Table at ESD Dine In.

    Chefs have been advised to walk around with spoons, so that they can taste their product. Any items that are dissatisfying will be replaced.

    Over cooked pasta at ESD Dine In

    Chefs have been advised to walk around with spoons, so that they can taste their product. Any items that are dissatisfying will be replaced

    Unpleasant odor in the dish return area of ESD Dine In

    There was a broken pipe causing the unpleasant odor. It has since been repaired.

    No separate utensils for vegetarian and meat pizzas at ESD

    New color coded utensils have been ordered. White (Halal), Red (Meat), Green (Vegetable), Purple (Allergen Free)

    Can the salt and pepper packets be moved to the condiments table at ESD Dine In

    The salt and pepper packets are now located in both locations at ESD

    Mac and Cheese tastes better at WSD than at ESD, can that be changed

    The recipe for mac and cheese from WSD will be implemented at ESD

    Could skinny fries be added to the rotation at ESD

    Skinny fries will be added back into rotation

    Because of the casserole style of Oasis, there are rarely ever vegetarian options offered there. Could this be changed

    Chef James is working with the cooks and management to get this problem rectified

    Can music be added to ESD like it is at WSD

    Dawn made the original proposal for addition of music at ESD. We (the Student Voice Committee) will be making the second presentation at meeting on 11/2/18

    Grilled cheese often sticks to the paper at ESD due to the way the sandwich halves are laid down. Could they be stood on their crusts instead

    Yes, they will be stood on their crusts to see if this solves the problem of the sandwiches sticking to the paper

    Could hot chocolate be added to the take out beverage option at ESD and WSD

    Yes, hot chocolate packets are now available at the register of WSD for the Express station. Students swiping for a to-go hot beverage at ESD are more than welcome to use the hot chocolate machine at ESD

    Addition of creamer as an option at dine in locations

    Creamer will be made available upon request

    Addition of more infused water options at ESD Dine In

    In Progress

    Addition of jalapeno cream cheese to the rotation of cream cheeses at dine in locations

    Jalapeno cream cheese is being added to the order list and will also become an option at East Meets West Deli

    Chefs Table at ESD doesn't always open on time (5PM) on the weekends

    Management is aware of the situation and is ensuring the station will open on time

    Need non-pork meat options for the omelet station at ESD

    Turkey Sausage has been made available. Also adding a vegan sausage option.

    Would like vegetables on their own plate, rather than with full plated meals

    Vegan section has individually cooked vegetables. The Chef's Table also offers individually plated items

    Cheese sticks were popular at ESD Late Night, but ran out

    Underestimated demand - will be adjusted for next time

    ESD needs to do a better job at refilling ice in the drink machines

    Please notify an employee if the ice needs to be refilled

    ESD would like more varieties of infused water

    A flavor menu with 7 varieties will be created and implemented

    The pasta variety at West is great. Would like the same variety at ESD

    New pasta menu has been created. Mac & Cheese is a staple. There will also always be a plain pasta and a baked pasta dish.

    Falafel at dine in has improved

    Positive Feedback

    Chocolate pizza was a huge success

    Positive Feedback

    ESD Ketchup needs an additional dispenser - it runs out a lot

    An additional dispenser has been ordered

    The variety of pizza options is better at WSD than ESD

    Work is underway to update the menus

    ESD mixed dill and bread and butter pickles are in the same container. Can these be separated?

    Staff made aware. Management is handling the situation

    The burgers at ESD are of consistent quality and are awesome when you get one straight off the grill

    Positive Feedback

    Tofu jerky wrap was great

    Positive Feedback

    WSD always has four varieties of pizza offered, can we have that at ESD?


    Really salty pizza at ESD Dine In on Wednesday (11/7) night.


    Pumpkin Crumb Bars for dessert are a huge hit.

    Positive Feedback

    Popcorn Chicken at ESD Dine In was really good.

    Positive Feedback

    Students would like to see different types of protein at each station at ESD Dine In to avoid monotony. Ex: if chicken is being served at Chef’s Table then serve Pork at Oasis and Beef at Grill.

    Chef has already noticed some monotony in the menu items and is working to fix the line-up of protein rotation.

    Students are reporting there is still not a non-pork item at ESD Dine In Omelet Bar.


    Students have been complaining of dishes not being entirely clean when they are returned to the serving areas.


    Sometimes during peak hours ESD Dine In runs out of forks. Students would like plastic forks available in the dining hall for when this occurs.


  • East Side Dining: Retail

    East Meets West Deli



    Now that East Meets West Deli has breakfast items could it be open during breakfast hours?





    Addition of honey mustard, BBQ sauce, and blue cheese condiments to ESD Grill (Retail)

    All three items will be added




    Addition of smaller portion size options at ESD Italian (Retail) Possibly half orders


    ESD Pizza retail has breaded chicken listed as a topping, but student was unable to get it when asked.

    Breaded chicken is available and one of the top selling options. It is possible the replenishment was being cooked.




    California Bagel at GLS is very good

    Positive Feedback

  • Halal



    Addition of fries to the menu at Halal

    Fries have been added to the menu, and toppings can be added

  • Jasmine



    Sometimes food labels are missing at Jasmine

    Management is taking care of the issue 

    Variety of drinks at Jasmine is good

    Positive Feedback

  • Roth




    The hot items at Roth should have a time sticker on them, similar to the way they do at the Emporium

    Chef has been spoken too and is making staff adjustments

    Smash & Shake



    Veggie burger at Smash and Shake takes 10 minutes to cook. This is too long.


    Need to increase efficiencies of, or add more staff to the Smash and Shake. Line is often too long.

    Chef has been spoken too and is making staff adjustments




    Subway at Roth is no longer running out of items at night.

    Positive Feedback

  • Student Activities Center (SAC)



    Addition of a fish sandwich option at the SAC Grill

    Currently being discussed 

    SAC needs a sign that there is marinara sauce available for the mozzarella sticks.


    Are bento boxes at SAC recyclable?

    Chef Rob - Yes, they are PS6 which is acceptable for every neighborhood curbside recyclable

    Soups at the SAC are great

    Positive Feedback

    Would like crispy chicken back on the salad bar

    Not everyone prefers crispy chicken. If you would like crispy chicken, the grill station will chop it up for you.

    SAC Grill mixes up chicken and cheeseburger labels

    Chef Rob - Spoke to the cook who makes and labels the items on the grill

    Students would like hot cider at SAC

    It had been available before, along with cinnamon rolls, but was not selling. Student Voice has promised to push it if it is offered again.

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