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Federal Agency Disclosure Information

Disclosure of International Activities to Federal Funding Agencies

Presently, there is no uniform practice among federal funding agencies for disclosing international components of research activities. Furthermore, there exist multiple ways in which such disclosures may be included in grant proposals and progress reports, depending on the funding agency.   

Investigators should: 
  • Read sponsor guidelines, Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA), proposal questions, and award documents carefully to ensure that you and other project personnel are correctly answering the questions that address foreign engagements, foreign affiliations, and  Foreign Components   and collaborations, as required by the sponsor.

  • Review agency definitions to verify that your interpretation of your sponsor's Terms and Definitions is correct. The  Office of Sponsored Programs  and your sponsor's program and grants management staff can be contacted with questions about definitions.

  • Approach the  Office of Sponsored Programs  with internal questions concerning activities being proposed in a foreign country and identify the foreign countries where the research activities are being conducted.

Specific sponsor guidance on disclosing international components and activities in biosketches, proposals and progress/final reports is provided in this section to assist investigators in complying with these requirements.