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National Institutes of Health 

What to Disclose

Where to Disclose

When to Disclose

Outside appointments, both paid and unpaid.


Proposal, JIT Request*, RPPR*

International collaborations with activities performed at locations outside of the U.S. whether or not grant funds are expended.

Foreign Component                                                         

Proposal, JIT Request, or Prior approval for existing projects                      

All resources available to the researcher or key personnel in support of and/or related to all research endeavors, regardless of monetary value or location of resource.

Other Support

Proposal, JIT Request, RPPR

International visiting scholars, students or collaborators in your facilities (including labs) that support your research (not key personnel)

Other Support

Proposal, JIT Request, RPPR

* JIT Request means "Just in Time Request". RPPR means "Research Performance Progress Report."

This chart has been adapted from NIH:  Examples of What to Disclose to NIH about Senior/Key Personnel on Applications and Awards

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