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About Us


The Stony Brook University Food Pantry serves community members (students, staff and faculty) who are food insecure, or who are at risk of food insecurity. We are committed to being a reliable and stable supplemental food source while providing resources to overcome food insecurity.

Our shelves are stocked with healthy and nutritious food options. We look forward to serving you!


Who can use the Food Pantry?

Anyone with a Stony Brook University ID card can use our Food Pantry, including students, staff and faculty. Please bring your Stony Brook University ID card with you when you visit and use our Food Pantry!


What is the Food Pantry experience like?

When you visit our Food Pantry, you will complete a brief intake and request form. In order to maintain health and safety, please bring a mobile device so you can complete the form. The form is not used to determine eligibility. We use the form to gather information, which we use to best serve guests of our Food Pantry.

Once the intake and request form is completed, guests will receive a bag of food items based on their request. If you have a food allergy or a dietary restriction, please let us know when you visit us so we can best accommodate your needs.


What does the Food Pantry offer?*

Our shelves are stocked with healthy and nutritious food options. These include:

    • Breakfast grains (cereal, oatmeal)
    • Lunch/dinner grains (pasta, rice, mac and cheese)
    • Snacks (granola bars, applesauce)
    • Peanut butter, jelly
    • Tomato sauce
    • Canned fruits, canned vegetables
    • Canned tuna, canned chicken breast
    • Canned soup (tomato, meat)

We also have a wide selection of hygiene products and school supplies for our guests.

*We cannot guarantee that any particular item will be in stock during your visit. We do our best to keep our shelves stocked with a wide selection at all times.