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Incoming Freshmen Scholarships


Merit Based Scholarships

All incoming freshmen are considered for our freshmen merit based scholarships.  The majority of our freshmen merit based scholarships, as displayed  in this section, require no special scholarship applications ; all admitted first time freshmen students who are academically qualified are automatically reviewed for scholarship eligibility.  Scholarships are offered on a funds available basis.

Stony Brook will send a scholarship award letter via e-mail to those students selected to receive a merit based scholarship. The e-mail process begins  in the early part of the new year and typically follows an offer of admissions.

The award amount and duration of scholarships vary. Some offer scholarship support for four years. Some scholarships are for one year only, while others are renewable based upon meeting the criteria of the specific scholarship. To view the most up to date terms and conditions of your scholarship, click the "Award Detail" link in SOLAR.  In most cases, students will not be awarded more than one scholarship and it will be the most beneficial scholarship offer that we can make. Stony Brook University's freshmen scholarships begin upon enrollment in the fall semester of the academic year for which they are offered. 


Undergraduate Scholarships Applications

There are a variety of scholarship applications specifically for Stony Brook students. Students are encouraged to review the criteria for each award. If they meet the criteria listed, be sure to submit all materials by the deadline date listed on the application. 

The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarship Services administers the following scholarship opportunities for incoming freshmen students:

Additional scholarship opportunities will be available for matriculated students in our new scholarship matching portal, Scholarship Universe