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Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

 The New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) helps eligible New York residents pay tuition at approved schools in New York State. Depending on the academic year in which you begin study, an annual TAP award can be up to $5,665. Because TAP is a grant, it does not have to be paid back.


Important Communications
  • Ability to Benefit Exam (ATB)

    In order to be eligible for New York State TAP/Scholarships, you must have graduated from a high school in the United States and we must have a copy of your diploma or final high school transcript (showing graduation and the date) on record.

     If you did not graduate from a United States high school and you have an associates or bachelor’s degree form a United States college we can accept this in lieu of graduation from a United States high school.  We must have a final official transcript on file showing the degree awarded.

     If you have completed minimally 24 college credits from a United States college, we can also evaluate your credits.  You must have completed with a C or higher, 6 credits in English Language Arts, 3 credits in Math, 3 credits in Natural Science, 3 Credits in Social Science, 3 credits in Humanities and 6 credits in your degree program as determined by the University. 

     If you do not meet one of the above criteria, you must take and pass an Ability to Benefit Exam in order to be eligible for your awards by the add/drop deadline of the semester in which you are in which you are seeking the TAP/scholarship award. .

    For more information, please visit:

  • Email and SOLAR Communication

    (Sent several times a semester)

    As a potential recipient of New York State Tuition Assistance and/or Scholarships, it is extremely important that you are familiar with the eligibility requirements set forth by the State of New York. In order to be eligible for any TAP and/or NYS scholarships, you must meet all of the criteria established by the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation ( as well as the following criteria each semester:

    1. You must be enrolled as a full-time student each semester (minimum of 12 credits).
    2. You must enroll in a minimum of 12 credits that are ALL applicable to your degree, university requirements, (SBC or DEC) and declared major(s).  Courses you are taking for minor s or specializations on record can ONLY be counted as part of the 12 degree applicable credits if your major(s) requires completion of the minor or specialization.
    3. You may enroll in elective courses (that is, courses that do not count toward degree requirements noted in item #2), but they must be IN ADDITION TO the 12 degree applicable credits.
    4. If you retake a course in which you received a C or higher previously, you cannot count this course as part of the 12 credit minimum requirement.
    5. Courses graded P, NF, N/C or W may negatively affect your TAP/Scholarship eligibility for future semesters.
    6. You must declare a valid major by Junior Status, 57 earned credits.  Earned credits include any test or AP credits as well as transfer credits brought to Stony Brook University.  General and Area of Interest are NOT valid majors.

    Please review your TAP Certification Summary Page on SOLAR to ensure you are in compliance with these regulations. If you are not, please adjust your class schedule by the add/drop deadline to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements to receive TAP.  We are not permitted to count courses added after the add/drop deadline as part of your 12 degree applicable credits.

    The New York State legal requirements are very specific and, if not adhered to, will result in a change to your qualification for TAP funding. We are dedicated to helping you through this process.  If you have any questions, please make an appointment to meet with an advisor as soon as possible.

    To review all other eligibility requirements, visit the New York State Higher Education Services website at


  • TAP Certification Summary Page

    In an effort to provide TAP recipients/applicants with a means of gauging their progress toward meeting New York State criteria for TAP eligibility, we have developed a new tool that appears as a page in SOLAR.    

    The page is called the TAP Certification Summary page and provides students with timely information and updates regarding their status in satisfying TAP criteria, which include enrollment in degree applicable credits, good academic standing, current major declaration, just to name a few.

    Both students and advisors will find the page helpful, specifically during registration when TAP recipients must select a minimum of 12 credits that are required for either their major or SBC/DEC requirements.

    As the TAP Certification Summary  page  updates nightly ,   the page can be viewed to confirm that a TAP recipient is registered in courses that meet the enrollment requirement for TAP eligibility 24 to 48 hours after any registration transaction.   Students are strongly encouraged to make all registration changes two days prior to the deadline date – this would ensure their course enrollment can be viewed and confirmed for the 12 degree application credit regulation.

    As all other TAP criteria are also noted on the TAP Certification Summary page, a student will know months prior to our certification period whether or not they are currently meeting requirements.  This early warning system will give students ample time to make corrections, submit documents and seek assistance before coming up against deadlines for declaring majors and specializations and for changing course enrollments.

    While no advising department is being asked to inform students whether or not they will receive a TAP award, advising for degree applicable credits (courses specifically required to satisfy major and Core requirements) are conversations advisors regularly have with students.  As such, please do not hesitate to use, or refer your students to, the new TAP Certification Summary page. 

    Academic Waivers, Exceptions, or Course Substitutions

    Please note, any academic waivers, exceptions, or course substitutions in majors, minors, or specializations for students must be submitted by the appropriate designee from the specific academic department.  Exceptions should be sent to the Degree Audit Team within the Office of the Registrar at for posting in Degree Works.

  • TAP No Major Declared - by junior level status (57 earned credits)

    To be eligible for a New York State Tuition Assistance Award (TAP) and/or NYS Scholarship,  you need to be aware of New York State Education Department requirements that state you must be in a major that leads to a degree when you are entering your junior year (57 completed credits) or you will not be eligible for TAP/NYS Scholarship award(s). Please refer to the  Academic Calendar for the semester deadline date.     You will not be eligible for a TAP/NYS Scholarship award if you have junior level status (57 earned credits) and have not declared a major by the deadline date

    You are strongly encouraged to seek assistance in making a decision about your major by contacting Academic Advising

    Once you have selected a major, the signature(s) of a departmental advisor is required on a Declaration of Major form. After you have obtained the appropriate signature(s), the form should be brought to the Registrar’s Office in the Administration Bldg., Room 276 (Phone 631-632-6175), no later than the deadline date noted on the Academic Calendar.  Please do not select an area of interest (AOI), as they are not approved majors.

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