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State Satisfactory Academic Progress

In order to be eligible to receive TAP (NY State Tuition Assistance Program) and other state funded scholarships, students must continue to meet academic progress guidelines. These guidelines require that a student maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average in addition to achieving a certain level of progress towards degree completion.

Pursuit is an effort or completion requirement rather than an achievement requirement, so courses in which a student receives either passing or failing grades can be used to satisfy the pursuit requirement. Thus, grades of A through F and any other grade that indicates the student completed the course and all necessary assignments (e.g., P, S, U, R) are acceptable to meet the pursuit requirement. Please use the charts below to determine the percentage of courses you need to receive a grade in to maintain your state aid.

The percentage applies to the minimum full-time credit requirement (12 credits
in a semester calendar for undergraduates). If you receive a summer
accelerated study payment, the percentages apply to the minimum half-time
requirement (six credits in a semester calendar for undergraduates).

Displayed below is the criteria used to determine which academic chart guidelines you will need to meet in order to be eligible to receive your next TAP payment.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only students enrolled in the Educational Opportunity Program are eligible to be considered for 5 years, or 10 full time TAP payments.  All other undergraduate students are ONLY eligible to be considered for 4 years, or 8 full-time TAP payments.

Summer TAP

Students wishing to receive TAP for summer attendance must be meeting the guidelines from the appropriate chart above. In addition, students must:

  • Be enrolled for a minimum of six credits, and
  • Must have a full-time enrollment status in the prior semester, and
  • Must have earned a combined credit total of 24 credits in the prior two terms at Stony Brook University. Transfer credits do not apply to this requirement.
  • Must indicate school code (0875) for Summer on HESC.

Appeal Process

A student who does not meet these minimum standards for any one semester will be ineligible to receive an award payment. Students who do not meet the requirements will receive notification. A waiver of the minimum achievement standards may be granted in cases where extreme extenuating circumstances exist. If you feel you have extenuating circumstances,  you can complete the TAP Waiver Form. Please contact the financial aid office to speak with an advisor for more information regarding the TAP appeal process in order to gain access to the form. 

Appeals must be submitted no later than 14 days before the end of the term.

Before completing the waiver form, please review the examples below.

Examples of acceptable extenuating circumstances include:

  • Student illness/medical issues (supporting documentation required)
  • Death in the immediate family (supporting documentation required)
  • Natural Disaster impacting student’s ability to complete coursework

Examples of unacceptable extenuating circumstances :

  • Student was unprepared for the transition to college
  • Issues related to roommates

Examples of scenarios where an appeal will not be considered:

  • Suspended or dismissed students are not eligible to file a TAP appeal
  • Failure to declare a major by the major declaration date
  • Failure to meet the summer TAP requirements outlined above in the Summer TAP section
  • Not being full time in coursework required for academic program