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Financial Aid Terms & Conditions

In order to review specific award terms and conditions and accept or decline your award(s) on SOLAR,  you must agree to the following general financial aid term and conditions:

1. I give Stony Brook University permission to conduct business with me electronically (campus email address will be used for University correspondence). 

2. I must make satisfactory progress toward my degree each semester in accordance with the University Policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress

3. I understand that any aid received may be used only for educational expenses. 

4. I must report any additional aid not already listed as an award offer. 

5. I will notify financial aid immediately if I stop attending classes before the semester ends and do not officially withdraw

6. My financial aid awards may be revised if:

(a) An error occurs that results in aid in which I am not eligible. 

(b) Changes are made to my tuition, fees, or credit load.

(c) Aid exceeds my demonstrated financial need.

(d) I withdraw from the semester or from the University.

(e) I stop attending all classes before the semester ends and do not earn any credits for the semester. 

(f) I am not registered as a full-time student at Stony Brook University

7. I may be required to repay to Stony Brook University any aid received, should my financial aid awards be revised or adjusted

8. Disbursement of my aid to my student account will not occur until all required documents have been submitted and reviewed. 

9. I authorize Student Financial Services to credit the financial aid funds I have accepted against University charges on my account and refund me any excess within 14 days after disbursement is made. 

10. I am responsible for reviewing, understanding, and abiding by the University's regulations, procedures, requirements, and deadlined described in all official publications. These include the Undergraduate Bulletin, SPD Bulletin, Graduate Bulletin, HSC Bulletin, Summer Session Catalog, Student Handbook, and Class Schedules.