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Aid and Your Bill

Your University Account

Your University Student Account is maintained by Student Financial Services. They provide assistance concerning student billing, account questions, and questions regarding administrative/late fees. They also handle all payments made to the University, disburse refund checks, and issue parking permits.

Student Financial Services offers the Time Option Payment Plan (TOPP) which allows you and/or your family members to make equal and consecutive payments throughout the term, rather than paying the total balance of the bill.

Financial Aid

Financial aid that is either anticipated (expected) or already paid (disbursed) to your University account appears on your student billing account and is applied against your charges. Since you are responsible for ensuring that your University bill is paid on time each term (semester), you should monitor your student account, check your balance frequently, and become familiar with the way your financial aid appears on your account.


 If you need help regarding options for covering a remaining balance, visit our "Filling the GAP" page.