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*The last day to submit a re-evaluation request for the 2023-2024 school year is April 15, 2024*

Request for Re-evaluation

We recognize that income information presented on the FAFSA may not reflect a family’s current financial situation. Federal regulations allow Stony Brook to use professional judgment on a case-by-case basis to determine whether additional Federal aid can be given to a student due to eligible special circumstances that impact their Student Aid Index (SAI). Students with documented ‘Special Circumstances’ that negatively affect their family’s financial situation could be eligible for a financial aid adjustment that could result in additional financial aid. For example, because of COVID-19 some employers have shut down, reduced work hours, furloughed employees and others may not have been able to work due to illness. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services may be able to review your special circumstances to adjust the amount of financial aid you receive or would have received.

In order to request a re-evaluation of your federal student aid, you must have a valid FAFSA on file. 

If your SAI is equal to -1500, you are automatically qualifying for the maximum in federal aid programs. There are no changes we can make to your FAFSA that would change your eligibility to provide additional federal aid. Your SAI can be found via your Student Aid Report (SAR) which can be accessed by following these steps

Disclaimer: Re-Evaluations are reviewed on a case by case basis and not all re-evaluations result in additional aid.