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Dependency Override

Students who have extenuating circumstances may fall into one of the three categories listed below:

  1. A student who is under the age of 24 and cannot provide parental information on their financial aid forms.
  2. A student who is homeless or at risk of being homeless.
  3. A student who is under the age of 24 and meets all of the following conditions:
  • is self-supporting and
  • parents refuse to provide FAFSA information and
  • parents no longer provide support to the student

The following guidelines are meant to assist you with the Financial Aid application process. All students should begin the financial aid application process by completing a FAFSA online at Complete the following student sections as they pertain to yourself:

  • Student Demographic Information
  • Student Eligibility
  • School code (Stony Brook University 002838)
  • Dependency Determination 

Once the Dependency Determination Questions are answered the FAFSA will indicate your Dependency Status Results.  If you are deemed independent based on your answers you will be able to complete the application without parental information.  If you are determined to be dependent for financial aid purposes and cannot provide parental information the form will allow you to read about Special Circumstances and complete the form without parental data, however the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services will follow up with you to review your circumstances and determine if a dependency override will be necessary.

You will be given the option during this step of the process to indicate that you do not have special circumstances but are unable to provide parental data and would like to request an Unsubsidized Loan only.  When the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services receives the FAFSA data you will be asked to complete a request form for the loan.

Financial Aid Administrators have the authority to change a student status from dependent to independent in cases involving unusual circumstances:

  • If you had a dependency override by another institution, please be prepared to submit supporting documentation to The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services at Stony Brook University. 
  • If you could not answer 'Yes' to any of the dependency status questions on the FAFSA but indicated that you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from providing parental information you will be notified by The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services to complete the Petition for Dependency Override Form.  Please be prepared to submit a statement indicating what your circumstances are, along with any supporting documentation.  We are aware of the sensitive nature of your circumstances and keep records confidential.

Complete the Student Tax and Financial Information Sections of the FAFSA, provide student signature (PIN) and submit the form.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services if you have any questions or concerns.