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International Students

International students are not eligible for Federal or State aid.

The only form of aid available to an international student is a private loan. This is a loan offered through a lending institution of your choice. You must apply directly with the lender. The lender may require that you have a co-signer. Some may require that the co-signer is a permanent resident, others require US citizenship.

Click here to learn more about loan options.

Stony Brook Universities Bursar Office does offer a monthly payment plan for paying your university charges.

Other helpful link for Stony Brook’s international students


MPOWER Financing (Deadline September 20)


MPOWER Private Loan

MPOWER NoCosigner

Tel:  202-417-3800

Fax: 202-417-3800

Minimum Enrollment Requirements None  
6+ Credits ✅  YES
Marticulation Requirements Non-Matric Eligible  
Citizen Requirement US citizen or permanent resident  
International student studying in the U.S. with a credit worthy U.S. citizen or permanent resident cosigner  
No co-signer ( within 2 years of graduation) ✅  YES
Satisfactory Academic Progress Required ✅  YES
Prior Balance If student is no longer enrolled, they must apply within 30 days of the loan period end date.  
Immediate prior semester ✅  YES
Fewer than 365 days from enrollment end date to the first disbursement of the loan  
Other Up to 360 days from date of application
Interest Rate (Undergrad) Variable ( APR ) *10 year repayment plan N/A
Fixed (APR) *10 year repayment plan 9.99%-13.99%
Interest Rate (Grad) Variable ( APR ) *10 year repayment plan  
Fixed (APR) *10 year repayment plan 7.99%-13.99%
In School Deferment  
Origination Fee 5%
Co-Signer Release No Co-Signer Required
Borrower Benefits Automatic Payment Discount 0.50%
Quarterly FICO Score  
On-Time Payments Reward 0.50% after 6 mo. Consecutive time payments
Cash Rewards for good grades  
Loan Forgiveness  
Other 0.50% for proof of graduation and employmen
 Min. Amount $1,800
 How to Apply Apply
 Disclosure  MPOWER Disclosure
 Medical Loans Available, **SAP=Satisfactory Academic Progress ***IRR = Interest Rate Reduction Borrower benefits are subject to change solely at the discretion of the lender. 
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