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Graduate Scholarships

Graduate tuition scholarships (GTS) may be awarded to cover all or partial tuition charges. GTS’s are primarily funded by SUNY and supplemented at the discretion of the University. Tuition scholarship allocations/budgets are provided to each Graduate Program Director on an annual basis. Individual tuition scholarships are then awarded, based on criteria established by the Graduate Program, to students who have not yet advanced to candidacy. To be eligible for a tuition scholarship, the graduate student must typically be registered full-time and must be employed as a Graduate/Teaching/Research Assistant. Full-time graduate students who have advanced to candidacy (G5 status) may receive GTS awards regardless of TA/GA/RA employment if they were continuously supported by their academic program prior to G5 status.

Once GTS funds are allocated to a graduate program, the distribution of individual tuition scholarship awards to students shall be decided by each graduate program. Decision criteria may vary by program but must be based on academic merit and must adhere to campus wide limitations.

Failure by a student to satisfy the eligibility requirements as of Day 15 of the semester will result in rescission of the tuition scholarship award. 

Eligibility: Supported students (generally PhD students) in programs that fall under the Graduate School's purview. Information regarding tuition and broad-based fee scholarship eligibility can be found on the Graduate School's website and the Graduate Bulletin. For more information, please contact your graduate program director. 

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Graduate students may be eligible to apply for the scholarships listed below: