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Graduate Opportunity Program

Program Detail & Eligibility: 

This University-funded award is provided to graduate students who are NY State residents who previously graduated from an EOP, HEOP, or SEEK program. To receive this award, you must be enrolled full-time (12 credits) in a first-time graduate/professional degree program.  

You must be enrolled for a   minimum of 12 credits  each semester, and must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to continue to receive financial assistance from this program. Students with I grades and W grades will also be ineligible to continue in the program without the approval of a financial aid advisor.

Award Availability/Limits: 

Students must not be receiving any other tuition specific award that will cover their entire tuition bill. 

Funding from this award program is dependent upon the availability of financial support for this program.

How to Apply: 

Students who are confirmed as having been enrolled in undergraduate EOP/HEOP/SEEK programs at either SBU or another institution will be considered to receive a GOP award.

If you graduated from an EOP program at Stony Brook University, you will automatically be considered for GOP funding. 

Students who completed their undergraduate career at an academic institution other than Stony Brook University will need to furnish a statement of graduation from the EOP program from the institution on their official letterhead. It must be mailed to their  Stony Brook Financial Aid Office .