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Financing a college education is an important investment and understanding a student's financial aid budget is a key component. The cost of attendance is calculated by each university for one year of attendance. The cost of attendance is based on direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include tuition, fees, room and board (if living on campus). Indirect costs are not paid directly to Stony Brook and include books, supplies, transportation and personal expenses.

2023-2024 Estimated Full-Time Cost of Attendance (COA)

2022-2023 Estimated Full-Time Cost of Attendance (COA)


For more detail about current costs of individual programs visit Student Financial Services

Financial Need

Financial aid eligibility is based on your financial need. Financial need is calculated by subtracting your Student Aid Index (SAI) from your Estimated Cost of Attendance. Once your financial need is determined, Stony Brook will work to create a financial aid package for you. The formula to determine your financial need is:

 cost finaid need

Your SAI is calculated each year using a formula determined by the US Congress after the filing of a FAFSA. Your SAI is listed on the Student Aid Report (SAR) after your FAFSA has been submitted.