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To enhance our security efforts, our office is no longer accepting requested documentation as an e-mail attachment. 

We can accept documentation via paper mail, fax, SOLAR Upload, or in person. We recommend using the "Upload Document" feature in your SOLAR To Do List (when available) for secure and faster processing.

Visit our Contact Us page to find the information for your financial aid office. 
Please make sure that your Stony Brook ID Number is on each page of every document you submit to our office.


Aid for Part Time Study (APTS) Application (deadline to submit has expired)

Athletes Housing/Meal Plan Reporting Form 2016-2017

Budget Increase Request Form (deadline to submit has expired)

Confirmation of Custodial Parent Worksheet 2016-2017

Consortium Agreement Request (deadline to submit has expired)

Parent PLUS Summer Federal Direct Loan Request Form (deadline to submit has expired)

Our Parent PLUS Loan Application Process has changed.  Click here to read about it.

Permission to Release Information

Preparatory Coursework Agreement 2016-2017 (deadline to submit has expired)

Request for Re-Evaluation 2016-2017 - no longer available

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (UNDERGRADUATE) 2016-2017 (deadline to submit has expired)

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal (GRADUATE) 2016-2017 (deadline to submit has expired)

Scholarship Reinstatement Petition Form (deadline to appeal has expired)

TAP Appeal Form 2016-2017 (Undergraduate - NY State Residents) (deadline to appeal has expired)

Tax Filing Extension Form 2016-2017

Verification Worksheet for Federal Student Aid 2016-2017

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