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Your financial aid may not cover all the expenses that you may incur while attending classes. The following information is designed to assist you in determining the amount of funding you may need to cover these "out of pocket" costs and the available options to cover the expenses or "fill the gap."

As shown on the Budget Worksheet below, your budget is made up of two parts: direct costs that are paid to the University and indirect costs that are not paid directly to the University but you may incur during the enrollment period. Indirect cost items may vary depending on your individual situation.

The following methods are available to "fill the gap" between your college expenses and your financial aid awards:

  1. You may pay the balance due in full each term. Payments can be made by cash, check, money order, or major credit card.
  2. You may pay the balance due in installments by signing up for the University's Time Option Payment Plan (TOPP).
  3. Parents of dependent undergraduate students may borrow a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan by submitting a "Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Request Form" to the financial aid department. Visit the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Information link for further information.
  4. Students can apply for a private/alternative loan. For further information, visit the Private/Alternative Loan Information link.  

How Do I Calculate My Gap? 

NYS Resident Student Gap 2017-2018 Calculator  Out of State Student Gap 2017-2018 Calculator


Additional cost information is available on the Bursar/Student Accounts website.

Visit our cost page.

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