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In order to maintain eligibility for federal and state financial aid, it is expected that you will complete and pass the classes you enroll in.  The impact of not doing so varies between state and federal aid and is outlined below:

Federal Eligibility

If you elect to use G/P/NC as a grading option for a course and do not earn the credits for the course (NC) your pace for federal financial aid eligibility will be negatively impacted. In order to meet Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines, students must earn a minimum of 67% of the classes they enroll in. This is a cumulative requirement.  A grade of NC will be seen as unearned in this equation. If you routinely earn all classes for which you enroll, one unearned class will not result in a loss of eligibility for federal aid.  If you have a history of term and class withdrawals and/or failed classes, a grade of NC may contribute to the loss of your aid. 

Similarly, if you withdraw from a class ("W" on transcript), the impact on federal aid eligibility is the same as outlined above (NC grade).

For additional details please read the section about Pace in our SAP for Undergraduates section.

State Eligibility

If you are a recipient of TAP or other NY State Scholarships or grants, and earn a "P" a "W"  or an "NC" in a course, it may affect your eligibility to receive NY State Aid in future terms. Because the outcome of these grading option choices is tempered by how many TAP payments you have already received, it is necessary to speak to a TAP Certifying Officer in the Registrar's Office to learn how these grading option choices specifically apply to your eligibility for NY State aid.

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