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Stony Brook students who plan to participate in a Study Abroad program and receive financial aid, need to be aware of the following:

Study Abroad courses must be applicable towards your degree and/or major/minor requirements in order to receive Federal and State financial aid. Please consult the International Academic Programs Office (IPO) regarding your intended courses. You should also consult your major department and/or academic advising, if the Study Abroad coursework will be fulfilling DECs or elective requirements. The IAPO will give accepted students permission to register.  Please Note:  If you are going abroad through another SUNY institution other than Stony Brook, you still must register here under the appropriate course designation.  

You must have a completed FAFSA on file and no outstanding “To Do” list items.  New York State residents planning on using a TAP payment, need to complete the TAP application.  Students attending a study abroad program will be identified and will have a “To Do” notification of Study Abroad Budget Cost Sheet on SOLAR.   If a student wishes to have their budget increased to maximize their financial aid eligibility, they will need to submit the Study Abroad Program Cost Sheet to the appropriate financial aid office.  The document can be uploaded through Stony Brook’s SOLAR system.  Instructions on the upload process can be found in our video libraryStudents only need to submit the Program Cost Sheet if they want a budget increase.

Your Study Abroad Cost Sheet will be reviewed and your cost of attendance will be increased to reflect the additional costs associated with your study abroad term.  Please allow 7-10 business days for processing before applying for additional loans.  Additional loans you may want to apply for are the Parent PLUS loan or a Private Alternative loan.

Financial aid awards will be applied to your student account based upon the scheduled disbursement date; any excess aid will be refunded to you.  Keep in mind that these dates may occur after you leave to go abroad.  Be sure to enroll in Direct Deposit (in the Campus Financial Services section of SOLAR).  We recommend contacting your bank to inform them you will be overseas.  For security reasons, banks may place a temporary block on your account if unusual activity or international charges occur.

Scholarships may be available through specific study abroad programs and not through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.  Please consult with your study abroad advisor to determine if scholarships are available for your program.


  • General Scholarship Web Sites:

    Rotary International  ( offers several worldwide scholarships that vary in length and subject matter.

    Benjamin Gilman Award ( receiving federal financial aid (Pell Grants) can apply

    Fulbright Commission  ( U.S. citizens interested in graduate study or research abroad might contact the Fulbright Commission for scholarships or travel grants.

    NSEP Undergraduate/Graduate grant  ( Students planning to study under-represented languages as well as the sciences or other disciplines deemed critical to U.S. security may be eligible for the NSEP graduate grants. These scholarships have a service requirement upon graduation.

    Other Country or Region Specific Scholarships Include the Following:

    DAAD  ( grants for study in Germany;

    American-Scandinavian Foundation  ( for graduate study in Scandinavian countries

    The Institute of International Education  ( website is helpful as a general scholarship search engine.


  • Q: Are all Study Abroad Programs financial aid eligible?

    A:  While the majority of programs are eligible because they are administered through financial aid eligible academic institutions, some outside agencies are not “financial aid eligible agencies” although their websites may be misleading and suggest that they are.

    Q: Are all students eligible to receive federal financial aid when studying abroad?

    A:  Generally if a Stony Brook student is eligible to receive financial aid when attending classes here on campus, they will also be eligible to receive federal financial aid when studying abroad as long as the program is offered through a financial aid eligible institution (see question above). Additionally, Study Abroad courses must be applicable towards your degree and/or major/minor requirements in order to receive Federal financial aid.

    Q: If I am a New York State resident and do receive TAP when I study on campus, am I eligible to receive TAP when I study abroad?

    A:  TAP can be processed for Study Abroad Programs that are administered through academic institutions that are located in New York State, who are also financial aid eligible schools.  You may be eligible to receive TAP when you study abroad, provided that you have remaining TAP eligibility and meet the general TAP eligibility rules.  To further discuss TAP eligibility for Study Abroad programs, please contact the Registrar's Office at (631) 632-6175 or visit Additionally, Study Abroad courses must be applicable towards your degree and/or major/minor requirements in order to receive New York State financial aid.

    Q. Is more financial aid available for Study Abroad Programs?

    A:  Generally you do not receive additional federal or state grant funding when studying abroad.  Based on the cost of the program we will increase the limit on how much aid you can receive for the term in which you are going abroad.  In most cases, additional aid comes in the form of a Parent PLUS loan or an Alternative Loan. 

    Q. Are there any scholarships available for studying abroad?

    A:  There are scholarships available for studying abroad offered by government and civic organizations and sometimes private companies.  Further details are in the scholarship section of this website.

     Q. Will I receive my Financial Aid before I leave to study abroad?

    A:  In most cases the answer is no.  Financial Aid cannot disburse until after classes at Stony Brook have begun and by this time most students have already left the country.  When reviewing your financial aid awards on SOLAR you can access the disbursement dates for each award type.  Important: outstanding To Do List items will delay the disbursement of your financial aid.

    Q. How can I access my Financial Aid funds if disbursement takes place after I leave the country?

    A:  We strongly encourage you to enroll in direct deposit, especially if you are going to be overseas attending a study abroad program.

    Enrollment is done via the SOLAR system. To enroll, log into SOLAR > Campus Financial Services > Account    Information/Payment > Direct Deposit > Add Account > Complete the Panel > Save.

    Q. Will Stony Brook University send my financial aid funding to the school that is administering the Study Abroad Program?

    A:  Stony Brook will not send financial aid funds to another school.  You are responsible to pay all charges associated with your study abroad program.  It is important that you find out if other institutions are willing to wait for your financial aid to disburse, or if they want their bill paid in full immediately.

    Q. If I am studying abroad through another institution and registering for classes at that institution do I also have to register for study abroad classes here at Stony Brook?

    A:  Yes, we cannot process your financial aid unless we can see enrollment in the system.  The Study Abroad Office will provide you with enrollment information.

    Q. What is a Consortium Agreement and how do I know if I am required to apply for one?

    A:  A Consortium Agreement is an agreement between two academic institutions whereby the home institution processes your financial aid despite attending a Study Abroad Program through another institution.  Generally, if you are not required to pay anything to Stony Brook University you will be required to obtain a Consortium Agreement.  The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services can provide you with this form.

    Q. I am eligible to receive a Stony Brook scholarship.  Can I still receive it if I study abroad?

    A:  If you study abroad through a Stony Brook University program you can receive your scholarship.   

    If you study abroad through another academic institution but are billed for tuition by Stony Brook University you will receive some or all of your scholarship depending on your scholarship award amount; the scholarship amount will not exceed your Stony Brook charges for the semester.

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