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If the financial situation of you and/or your parents (if dependent) has changed significantly, and this change was not reflected on your current FAFSA application, you may be eligible to request a Re-evaluation of your financial aid eligibility. A request will only be considered if a Re-evaluation was not processed for the prior academic year and your current FAFSA reflects an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) greater than 0.

Conditions that apply:

A) You or your parent(s) earned money in the prior calendar year and have since experienced a loss of employment. This may be a result of a disability, natural disaster, or a recent termination
of employment.

B) You or your parent(s) received unemployment compensation or some untaxed income
or benefit in the prior calendar year and have lost that income or benefit (e.g. child support, social security benefits, etc.).

C) You have already applied for Federal Student Aid and since that time you or your parent(s)
have separated, divorced or been widowed.

D) You or your parent(s) experienced a significant change in his/her financial situation that
did not result from one of the above listed conditions. Clearly define these changes in
writing and attach it to the Re-evaluation application.

If you meet any of the above conditions and would like to be considered for a re-evaluation, download and submit the appropriate aid year "Request for Re-Evaluation" application from our Forms page. Provide full documentation to support your request for this re-evaluation. If you are a dependent student, you must provide documentation for your parent(s). Independent students must provide documentation for yourself and spouse (if) married.


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