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Title F Leaves

As indicated in the Policies of the SUNY Board of Trustees under Article XIII Title F (Other Leaves), academic employees may submit requests to the Chief Administrative Officer (President) for leaves of absence for employees at full salary or reduced salary, or without salary, for the purpose of professional development, acceptance of assignments of limited duration with other universities and colleges, governmental agencies, foreign nations, private foundations, corporations and similar agencies, as a faculty member, expert, consultant or in a similar capacity, or for other appropriate purposes consistent with the needs and interests of the University. Leave of absence without salary may also be granted under appropriate circumstances, for the purpose of child care. Leaves of absence at full or reduced salary pursuant to provisions of this section shall be reported to the Chancellor. The Chancellor may require submission of such leave requests by an institution for his approval when he deems it in the best interest of the University.

Application for a Title F leave

Please include the following materials:

  • A request by the faculty member to the Chair and the Dean that includes the description of the project and the duration of the leave.
  • Faculty’s CV, including Course Listing with status of employment (Full Service or Part time or on leave) Per Semester.
  • Note of endorsement of the request by the Chair to the Dean, including a statement of how the faculty member’s teaching responsibilities will be covered during the leave.
  • A memo of support of the leave from the Dean to the Provost.  The Dean's memo should include how this leave will benefit the department and the University.
  • PeopleSoft form requesting Title F leave

Upon return from the leave the Department administrator must submit a PeopleSoft form indicating that the faculty member has returned from leave.

The faculty member should submit, within 3 months of return, a memo/report to the Chair/Dean detailing the results of and accomplishments during the leave. Once the report is approved by the Dean, a copy must be sent to the Provost.