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Navigating SBU for Instructional and Research Faculty

Welcome to Stony Brook University! Now that you have had a few weeks to get settled, get ready for the next step in your onboarding process. The Office of the Provost is preparing a sequence of workshops to help instructional and research faculty acclimate to the campus, know the resources, develop friendships, and become a member of our Seawolves community. These programs will be specifically curated to support your success as a new faculty member, and mentors are available to guide and support you throughout the year.

For more information on the program please contact Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Mónica Bugallo.


Title Description

Getting Connected to SBU

Meet your colleagues, campus leadership, get to know each other, and hear the Stony Brook story. From history, seminal moments, key figures in our 60 years, to today’s student, and all the campus
resources available to support your growth and success

Getting Started in the Classroom

Describe general expectations, roles, and responsibilities of an instructional and research faculty member, recognize strategies for success, such as examining biases, metacognition, growth mindset, and effective time management, identify campus resources available to you. Identify selected teaching tools available to you, describe time saving strategies for grading, including quick tips and use of rubrics, recognize effective strategies for facilitating discussion, giving constructive feedback, presenting information, and managing your classroom

Evidence-Based Teaching Practices

Identify selected strategies for building an inclusive teaching environment, distinguish between formative and summative assessment, recognize selected evidence-based frameworks of teaching and learning.

Building Your Research Portfolio

Learn about the resources available to you as a researcher at Stony Brook, get introduced to OVPR and services it provides to research faculty, gain knowledge on how to apply for grants and manage your research funding, and how to find successful collaborations.