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Welcome to Stony Brook University! We have designed a two-term sequence of workshops to help you acclimate to the campus, know the resources, develop friendships, and become a member of our Seawolves community. Programs have been specifically curated to support your success as a junior faculty member, and mentors are available to guide and support you throughout the year.

We strongly encourage you to sign up for as many activities as you can. The sign up form will be available soon.

This year, the in-person program will start on Friday, August 26, 2022. Please note that we will only allow registration for a given event a week prior to the event for logistical reasons.

Schedule of Events

Date Title

Tuesday, 8/2/22, 11-11:50am

Over Zoom

Getting Connected In and Out of the Classroom

During this session, you will learn about technological solutions available to you, and how to efficiently use them during your career at Stony Brook University. This session will take place over Zoom; please contact for a link.

Friday, 8/26/22, 9:00am

Welcome to SBU

Meet your colleagues, campus leadership, get to know each other, and hear the Stony Brook story. Learn about history on the University, seminal moments, key figures in our 60 years, and get introduced to the campus resources available to support your growth and success

Friday, 9/16/2022, 9:00am

Mentoring session

Junior faculty and their mentors get together for a joint session on mentoring and meet with the SBU Senior Mentoring  team.

Friday, 10/7/22, 9:00am

Time Managements and Work-Life Balance

Meet a panel of senior SBU faculty and hear their advice on how to maintain work-life balance and manage your time as a junior assistant professor.

Thursday, 10/12/2022
Wang Center

New Faculty Welcome Luncheon

Hosted by Dr. Carl Lejuez, Provost and Executive Vice President and Dr. Hal Paz, Executive Vice President, Health Sciences

Friday, 10/28/22, 9:00am

Classroom Issues

During this session, we will discuss how to prepare a syllabus and use emerging teaching technologies,  discuss how to deal with behavioral and cheating issues, and how to build an inclusive classroom.

Friday, 11/18/22, 9:00am

Reearch Foundation

This session lead by the representatives of the Research Foundation will introduce junior faculty to proposal submission and grant management services at Stony Brook University.

Thursday, 12/1/22, 4:00pm

End of Semester Social

Friday, 1/27/23

Off-Campus Junior Faculty Retreat (Topics TBA)

Friday, 2/17/23, 9:00am

From Mentee to Mentor

During this session we will discuss how to be a mentor and an advisor to graduate students, and where to recruit the best graduate students matching your interests.

Friday, 3/3/23, 9:00am


Get an overview of Brightspace and ask any questions you may have!

Friday, 4/21/23, 9:00am

Wrap Up!

Wrap up the year with coffee and conversation! Ask any outstanding questions you may have, share feedback about the program and any needs you still have, and have some coffee!

Thursday, 4/27/23. 4:00pm

End of Year Social

Program Outcomes

  1. Identify as a member of the Stony Brook community by building relationships with colleagues.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of scholarly and evidence-based approaches to teaching practices.
  3. Incorporate evidence-based instructional and/or course design models and approaches within teaching practice.
  4. Reflect on how identities (of self and students) impact personal career stories, teaching &learning practices.
  5. Demonstrate an openness to diverse perspectives and commitment to creating an equitable and inclusive learning environment.
  6. Recognize factors that influence career choice and direction.
  7. Describe the relationship between academic major and career options.
  8. Name the baseline career readiness competencies students need for career entry.

Planning Team

Stony Brook University has a network of partners invested in the success of our new faculty, including the Planning Team below and a variety of other staff and faculty throughout the campus.

  • Dr. Monica F. Bugallo, Vice Provost Faculty Affairs and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Sponsor)
  • Dr. Rose Tirotta-Esposito, Director, Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching (CELT)
  • Dr. Marianna Savoca, Assistant Vice President for Career Development & Experiential Education
  • Dr. Andrei Antonenko, Associate for University Systems Analysis, Office of the Provost