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Lecturer Reappointments

Starting with the academic year 2023-2024, we will be piloting two significant changes to the reappointment process for Lecturers:

  • All West Campus reappointments will go through Interfolio. (PCR approval is not required for existing reappointments.)
  • The default term for appointment or reappointment of lecturers will be two years - exceptions specified below.

Appointment Term

  • The new default term for full-time Lecturers is expected to be two years. All initial appointments as well as reappointments are expected to be for two years. However, one year term  may be required in cases where two-year terms are not operationally feasible. For instance, one year reappointments will be necessary in cases of replacement appointments shorter than two years, budgetary constraints, special programs like student success lecturers initiative, etc.
  • A Lecturer who has completed six years of continuous service may be reappointed for a three-year term. Case files for three-year reappointments must include course evaluations and faculty vote.

Course Evaluations

Reappointment case files must include the most recent two years of course evaluations in either of the following situations:

  • When the reappointment will follow six years of continuous service, and every six years subsequently, or
  • When reappointing for a term of more than two years. 


Please see the "Provost Office - Reappointment for Full-time Lecturer" template in the RPT module of Interfolio for further details about the requirements of the reappointment process. For any questions, please reach out to Faculty Affairs at