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Leadership Support

Emerging Leaders Workshops

The Office of the Provost is organizing an Emerging Leaders program to foster the development of the next generation of higher-education leaders in research, education, and administration. Discussions and workshops during the program will revolve around various themes and how they play out  in higher education, including strategic thinking and decision-making, teamwork, career pathways, and managing conflicts. A wide range of topics will also be addressed through a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to further our institution’ path towards equitable success. 

In the course of the program, several selected associate professors gather for a number of working lunches and several full-day retreats.

Difficult Conversations Workshops

The Provost’s Office and the Alda Center for Communicating Science are collaborating to offer a special communication workshop for department chairs  and senior administrators on navigating difficult conversations. This program is designed to equip the participants with strategies to approach and respond with flexibility during difficult conversations. 

The workshop consists of two highly interactive sessions: a 90-minute Icebreaker and a three-hour Deep Dive into strategies and techniques through role-play exercises, small-group work, and large-group discussions.

Leadership Academy Fellows


Being a Chair

Academic Department Chairs or Academic Area Heads are essential and significant members of the University leadership. They represent their faculty colleagues to the administration and the administration to their faculty. They speak for the department (or area) to the college and university community, serving as a channel of communication on program, personnel, and budget matters. They encourage and foster excellence in research, scholarship, art-making, teaching, and professional and university service. They also provide crucial leadership in the pursuit of the University's commitment to diversity and inclusion. The document below outlines the roles and responsibilities of Chairs and Area Heads

Roles and Responsibilities of Chairs and Area Heads