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Gradual Retirement

Based on individual needs and interests, faculty members may be able to pursue a gradual retirement. Gradual retirements involve reductions in FTE and a commensurate reduction in faculty obligation.

Options for gradual retirement may include revised assignments for one or two semesters. Such revisions could reduce or eliminate teaching activities and allow faculty to dedicate their time to research, service, mentorship, and other areas of faculty obligation. These activities must be commensurate with the faculty member's FTE.

Decisions regarding requests to pursue gradual reitrememt will be made with due considersation to a variety of factors, including the operational needs of the department, School, or College. In all cases, such arrangements:

  • May not exceed 3 years
  • Will require final approval by the dean

To discuss options, contact

Individuals may also contact  to discuss the possibility of different arrangements. Customized options will be considered based on a faculty member's unique contributions to the classroom, the University's research enterprise, and service, among other factors.