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Additional Research Compensation (ARC)

Faculty who expend additional effort in obtaining research funding from external sponsors and perform corresponding research effort can be compensated for their additional effort. As with course overload and other additional responsibilities, payment is through “Also Receives” within Payroll. This provides an annualized supplemental payment to total compensation, subject to applicable withholding, but is not added to base salary. The intent is to compensate faculty investigators who successfully pursue additional external funding beyond normal expectations for sponsored scholarly activity.

Such compensation is available during the academic year* to Faculty with 9 month or 12 month appointments in State positions, who are

    • principal investigators (PIs) and in some cases Co-PIs,
    • on externally sponsored research awards or contracts where the number of grants and/or their total amounts exceed the levels expected for the faculty member’s normal obligation for conducting scholarly activity. In general these should be competitively awarded grants and contracts. The Vice President for Research has final authority to determine which grants and contracts qualify.

Eligibility and implementation will be determined by the respective Dean in consultation with the department Chair. Faculty should inquire with their Chair for further information.

* This does not apply to the summer period for faculty with 9 month AY State appointments. Those faculty may wish to assign effort to sponsored research grants during the summer period before requesting participation in the additional research compensation plan.