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Accelerating Research

Building upon the ongoing work of the Research and Innovation Task Force, a gateway to the latest information on research initiatives, funding opportunities and ways to connect with colleagues to enhance your work was created.

Creating Economic Growth and Opportunity

Stony Brook is committed to conducting pioneering research that solves critical challenges, enhances the well being of humanity, and drives economic growth and opportunity  in the State of New York and beyond. SBU is proactively identifying and pursuing funding opportunities and seeking out new funding sources to support research that enhances our community, region and country.

Broadening Our Research Portfolio

Stony Brook will be more competitive, innovative, and successful when we collaborate across traditional silos and increase the diversity of disciplines actively participating in our research portfolio. We’re working to create more avenues for participation and success among faculty studying and working within and outside STEM fields.

Removing Barriers to Success

Sometimes, we inadvertently create obstacles to our own success. Over the last year, we’ve been committed to not just identifying but removing unnecessary barriers that slow our research progress so that we can truly unleash our potential.